Nice Locale on its 15th Year Anniversary

It was a typical quiet  Sunday afternoon In a flamboyant city in the heart of southern France. Often known as the French Riviera, part of the Mediterranean Coastline. It was the 24th of September, a very special day for the brethren of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ Nice Locale.  It was a moment of revelry as they celebrated their 15th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving. The venue is the Hotel Aston La Scala situated in the heart of the ancient city.
The event commenced with the parade of the partakers headed by the Master of Ceremony, Sister Joychel Alquero as her younger sister lead the Nice Praise and Worship team.
The Opening Prayer was headed by Sister Cora Day an elder in the church. Right after is the announcement and advisories imparted by Bro. AL Santos a minister of the church. Accustomed to the worship service is the reading of the Holy Scriptures In which it was instigated by Pastor Tannie Noche. A song of Praise was offered to the Lord by Sister Araceli Pangilinan,  one among of the first converts through the evangelization and pioneering works done by God’s sent ones in Cannes, France.
An opening  remark from Pastor Jessette Noche head and Sub-Coordinator handling the Blue Area of Philippi District welcomed the congregation and distinguished guests. Acknowledged was the presence of the members of the Philippine Association of Monaco Vice-President Mrs. Alice Reyes, the group’s Secretary Rosita Reyes. The Vice President of the Las Damas de Rizal is also present as well as Mr. Jacques Canestrier Prisident of the Philippines Association of Beausoleil and the Vice President Mrs. Tess Maghirang.
Before the Offertory Message ministered by Pastor Jessette Noche, a song of Praise was rendered by the brethren from the extension church in Marseille France entitled Ancient Days. Moreover, a Song of Praise entitled Hallelujah Chorus from the Nice Choir was presented to the Lord before the message delivered by the  woman whom God has used mightily in the realization of God’s ministry not only in Europe but also on Hong Kong, China, Macau, Israel among others. Furthermore, she is the head pastor of London Locale, O.I.C. of the Maranatha Bible School Europe District and the Philippi Area (Europe District) Coordinator Pastor Violy Concepcion. Tackling the Message from the theme ” The Elusive Peace of the World” derived from the Book of I Thessalonians 5: 1-3, the anointed words of God  replenished the spiritual thirst of the audience and revived every individuals spirituality.
Right after the Worship Service, a Gospel Concert was witnessed by the attendees showcasing the diverse talents God has gifted the church. Participated by the Cadets,Youth and Adults department of the Church, Song and Dance numbers was spectacled in the event. Special participation from the African brethren residing in Cannes performed an ethnic inspired song and dance number. Highlighting the Concert are repertoires prepared by The Marseille Gospel Band.
It is evident that God once again triumphed His people in Nice France. Truly, God is worthy of thanksgiving and adoration. Through the legacy of the true sent ones of God in the end-time, our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, as he continuously admonish the Church that God is deserving to be served and is to merited with appreciation. A decade and a half of God’s providence Is enough reason to celebrate and to offer our  utmost act of Thanksgiving. Gloire a Dieu !
– Bro. Arnold Santos