Cagliari Celebrates Their 13th Year of God’s Grace and Blessings

Cagliari the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia, also home to PMCC4th Watch Cagliari Locale recently celebrated their victorious 13th Church anniversary with thanksgiving Worship on the 17th of September 2017, at the Hotel Regina Margherita as the venue.

This event was graced by the Sub-Coordinator of Red Area comprising of the Italian Locale Churches, Ptr Tom Salanap. His ministration of the Word of God anointed the congregation with the Holy Spirit which in turn resulted to a lively worship and dedication of the 72 attendees, of which 22 were visitors, to further their service to God!

Furthermore, two souls were added to His church in this anniversary. This service was commenced with a video presentation of uplifting testimonies from various brethren. The warm welcome address was given by the Ptr Rosenda Calcat, the minister in charge of this locale. Filling the venue with delightful songs of praise were the Cagliari choir and some selected brothers and sisters. As every single soul has had a fill of their spiritual food, the Cagliari locale had also prepared a sumptuous buffet for everyone.

The afternoon was filled once again with praises to God with a Gospel concert prepared by the talented brethren much to the enjoyment of everyone. The day progressed and ended with an appreciation of God’s grace and blessings to His church in the End- time!! Glory to God!

  • Sis Cherry Sotero