Giving Thanks for the Double Portion of God’s Love and Goodness

The masses filled the sanctuary, spilling to the 2nd floor overflow and multi-purpose room. The seats were running out and the people were still pouring in. The date was May 22, 2011  – PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay’s  22nd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving. The celebration concluded with an unprecedented success that surpassed those of any previous Anniversary:  A record-breaking 420-attendance, 17 souls added to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the biggest Thanksgiving Offering presented by the hearts of the believers.

The program opened with a collection of beautiful testimonies of healing, dedication and blessings. With awe, the audience witnessed a Mass Baptism of men and women acting upon their faith and committing themselves as disciples of Christ. Through the calling of soul-winning and witnessing, many were able to find a new hope and a new life in Jesus.

Five children were dedicated to the Lord that day. Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol pronounced blessings upon each child and their families who vowed to raise them in Christ-likeness.

The day proceeded with numerous presentations by several different ministries including the South Bay Choir, the Children’s Ministry Choir and a special video by the Media Ministry entitled,”Through the Years.” This documentary placed into perspective the progress of the church since it’s humble beginnings in 1989. To compliment this video was a captivating speech given by Sis. Ellen Nery, an elder and officer in the church who on behalf of South Bay, expressed the voice of the church in thanking the Lord for His sufficient grace.

Highlighting the worship celebration was the Words of God powerfully ministered by Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol who shared the message, “The Amazing Work of an Amazing God.” The message was delivered with passion, moving the hearts of it’s listeners to consecrate their lives to Christ. An astounding number of guests were touched by God’s Words and moved forward during the alter call, accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol prayed over their dedication and their desire to seek God within their lives.

Row after row stood to present their thanksgiving gifts as the South Bay Musical Quintet provided a musical background. As the music rang throughout the sanctuary, an undeniable air of victory surged throughout the church.

The celebration did not end there. After a reserved lunch at two Chinese Buffet restaurants, the brethren and guests returned to the church to enjoy an evening concert and awards ceremony. Recognition was given to several brethren who are celebrating 10 and 20 years in the faith, and a special Ministry of the Year award was given to the  top three church ministries, the Music Ministry, the Ushers Ministry and the Media Ministry. Members presented to Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol a plaque of appreciation for his leadership, his ministry, and his passion to build up God’s church.

The efforts of all the members and leaders of the church were manifested in the success of this year’s 22nd Church Anniversary. The church has reached many milestones, surpassed many goals and celebrated many victories. This success is only one of God’s amazing works within His church. As His children, we look towards the bright future and anticipate many moreAnniversaries to come, until the day of the Lord’s Second Coming where we will be celebrating and rejoicing for eternity. To God be the Glory!

Posted by PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay on Sunday, September 16, 2012