The well-anticipated US District Camp 2012 headed our way on August 13-18. Over 400 delegates flooded the Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds, which for the 3rd consecutive year have graciously accommodated our congregation – in the truest sense, a big happy family. Flying high the banner of evangelism, the catchy theme “Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel Daily” (found in Acts 5:42) stirred the campers for action, to carry on a legacy passed down from the early apostolic church to God’s End-Time people.

The messages that inspired us were delivered by none other than God’s sent-ones, namely: Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol, Bishop Domingo and Pastor Ning Ferriol, Bishop Osinando and Pastor Mona Quillao (returning after 2 years with full strength and recovery), Evangelist Leticia S. Ferriol and the Goodman of the House Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol. Every year, our Bishops, Evangelist, and Apostle travel overseas just to share the message of the Lord, which we welcomed just as warmly as their presence.

And every day, our ministers rallied the brethren to witness, assuring them that it’s not too hard to win a soul for Christ.

Personal Evangelism Program (PEP) Night placed special emphasis on how simple witnessing can be, as Bishop Osie highlighted the joys and the benefits of preaching the gospel and the blessings of being in the full-time ministry.

The following evening, South Bay Praise and Worship Team performed a spirited concert, while Evangelist Let Ferriol engaged the audience and taught them the right way to worship.

Antioch Vision Night showcased the 8 years of God’s mighty works in the ten-year program, as US District Coordinator Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol led every member to commit their lives to the Lord. That night, the stage along with several rows were filled with young people dedicating to the full-time ministry as a Bible student or a two-year volunteer of the Apostolic Missionary Program (AMP).

To top it off, the congregation claimed the victory the last day of camp to preach and boldly proclaim the gospel. Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol awakened our spiritual senses as he preached about the last hour, the imminence of Christ’s return, and our place in God’s End-Time plan.

Every camper was surely blessed by an abundance of God’s word, and encouragements for the days to come: focused, with new resolve, to preach and share God’s words.