Excitement! Fellowship! Excellence! The PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay’s Area Presentation Night held all these qualities and more! Successfully held last Sunday, September 30, 2012, this event was an evening filled with cheering, laughter and applause as both seasoned members and new believers joined together to participate in this annual competition. The participants were composed of the five different areas of the church, namely: Carson, Gardena, Long Beach, Cerritos and Orange County. Each group was challenged to demonstrate the theme of “Evangelism and Discipleship” based on Matthew 29:19-20 through the means of performing arts.

A member from each area composed the judges who evaluated three different categories of the competition. The first challenge was to create a name tag, demonstrating the theme in a innovative, visual manner. The second challenge was to form a three-minute showcase, exhibiting the spirit and enthusiasm of one’s particular area. The last and final challenge was a seven-minute presentation to promote the theme using any medium of performing arts, judged by creativity, musical scoring, relation to the theme, participation, costume and acting.

One by one, the areas presented their long hours of hard work through theatrical plays, musicals, dancing and even a video performance. As the judges calculated their scoring, the stage gave way to Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol, Senior Pastor of the PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay, who ministered the Words of God to complete the evening and bind the crowd with unity in fellowship. The time for the awarding drew near and the drum roll brought everyone to sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Then results of the Area Presentation Night 2012: The Name Tag Category: Orange County! The Showcase Category: Long Beach Area! Last but not the least, the winners of the Presentation Category: Carson Area!

Praises and applause resounded from the sanctuary, echoing through the hallways as members stood up cheering, congratulating each other and shaking hands. The night concluded with the fellowship of believers, the message of evangelism and discipleship weighing heavily in our hearts and we look forward to the excitement next year’s Area Presentation Night will bring.

Posted by PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay on Monday, October 1, 2012