Ever since the start of Open Doors which is the double worship program of the church in South Bay, the PMCC (4th Watch) has witnessed an increase in new believers with baptisms being celebrated every week. New faces of different cultures and nationalities has brought the church to host a New Believer’s Dinner Fellowship, enabling the church leaders to fellowship with the new converts on a personal level. This also gives the believers a wonderful opportunity to familiarize and befriend each other.

Orange County, Long Beach and Cerritos held their fellowship on September 20, 2012 , followed by Carson and Gardena/Hawthorne Area who celebrated on September 27, 2012. Both occasions were held successfully, complete with uplifting music, entertaining games, scrumptious food and the words of God ministered by Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol. Along with Pastor Tess Ferriol, both senior pastors opened a question and answer session, allowing the new believers to inquire and discover more of God’s will and plan for them as new disciples of Christ. As members conversed over delicious food, the church, area and flock leaders moved from table to table, exchanging stories and smiles that made for a joyful evening.

As the church continues to champion discipleship, this New Believer’s Dinner Fellowship contributes to the growth and encouragement of our new converts, deepen in their service to God. Interviews were conducted and testimonies were shared, testifying to the festivities of the evening, along with their newly found love for the for God, for His Church and for His Words.

Part 1

Posted by PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay on Monday, October 1, 2012