Month: November 2012

Christmas Message Special

Looking for a great bonus gift for your family and friends for this holiday season? Surer Word TV ministries is making available to you its annual Christmas Messages Special on CD or DVD featuring the inspiring messages of Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol! These messages surely make for a wonderful gift […]

Humbled By The Blessings!

by Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol Simon Peter and other fishermen from the lowly town of Galilee had just anchored their boats and finally called it a day. After spending an entire night catching fish, none of these seasoned fishermen caught anything, not even a sardine. It was a bad day […]

Christmas Cantata

Its time to open that dusty storage and take out the Christmas tree! With the spirit of the holiday season, the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay has prepared a present that is sure to make your heart feel the joy of this holiday season. Question: Do you know the […]

Garments of Discipleship

Are you properly shielded? You’re probably thinking about armor that protects your body from harm. The proper armor that we all should have are the “Garments of Discipleship” Watch the following message and be blessed! Don’t forget to subscribe and like this post! [fbshare]  


Every year it’s the same routine, we go to the grocery store and contemplate which turkey is best to buy, then we go home and make dinner that is enough to feed ourselves for a week. Not many of us really understand why we do thanksgiving, sure it was established […]

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Pray for Israel

By Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol I pray for the nations of the world. But recently, I have been praying much for the nation of Israel. There are two important reasons why I do and hopefully, after reading this, you would also do the same. First of all, the Bible points […]

The Power of Two

by Pastor Jonathan S. Ferriol Godly partnership is championed throughout the Holy Scriptures. From Eden to end of the last days of the church age, God has always highlighted the significance of the “power of two,” (as I would call it!) Eccelesiastes 4:9-12 gives us four profound reasons why a […]