Another blessed year has been experienced by our locale church in London as it reached its 8th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving last May 22, 2011 at the POSK Polish Social & Cultural Association Ltd. Theatre. “STRIVING TOGETHER FOR THE FAITH OF THE GOSPEL” came from Philippians 1:27 was the theme used for this year. Brethren from Manchester, Wales, Norwich, Slough, and Brighton came to join and celebrate. Along with the visitors, the place was nearly filled. The service started with uplifting praise & worship songs. Sunday school was ministered by a powerful woman of God; the guest speaker of this event, the beloved wife of the Apostle, an evangelist, none other by Ptr. Leticia S. Ferriol. The brethren were blessed by the message and their spirits have been prepared for the divine worship.

After a short break, the divine worship has started. After the announcements, messages and songs of praise done by the delegates from different locales, everyone have been prepared for the message to be ministered by the beloved guest speaker. The whole congregation was encouraged to be free on glorifying the name of the Lord by loud praises and claps. As the beloved speaker delivers the message of God to his people, she points out the importance of striving not only by oneself, but specially, together. She also gave a very powerful advice on striving in every service we have for God; it is none other by loving it. After the message was ministered, the visitors were called to have them accept Jesus Christ as their Lord which has resulted on 3 newly baptized brethren.

The afternoon service was started with a prayer asking for God’s help on every performer and for the Holy Spirit to join the whole congregation once more as the service goes on. The first performers were the youths from Manchester locale who presented a dance. Next was the highlight of the service, the lights & sounds musical play “HASIK” performed by the London Artist Circle consists of the brethren from Slough and London locale. Last but not the least was a dance performance presented by the brethren from Wales locale. After these spectacular and uplifting performances was a short exhortation of God’s words ministered once more by our beloved Ptr. Let Ferriol. At the end of the day, everyone were very blessed and satisfied because the service ended successfully; discovering new gifts and talents to be used by God, new souls were added to the Church of Christ, and another goal has been set, to Strive Together for the Faith of the Gospel. All the praises and Glory to our God!