Members of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch), lead by Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, will gather at Quirino Grandstand, Luneta on January 13, 2013 to celebrate the International Missionary Day. Once again, the grounds in front of Quirino Grand stand will be packed by delegates coming from different chapters of the PMCC 4thWatch.

This year’s theme is lifted from Romans 1:5-6, entitled , “Discipling All Nations through Apostolic Authority”. These verses capture the faith proclaimed by the believers as well as their calling received from God through the ministry of Apostle Ferriol


The highlight of the event is the word of God delivered by the Goodman of the House – Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. It is expected that his message will guide the congregation for this year’s global missionary work. It will also strengthen each member in proclaiming the pure and unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ.
At present, thousands of ministers are now assigned in different localities here and abroad. PMCC 4th Watch local churches are established in major cities and provinces of our country. Filipino missionaries are now also at dozens of countries and states leading the missionary work. As a missionary church, the members of the PMCC 4th Watch are dedicated to advance the work of God.The PMCC 4th Watch is actively pursuing the evangelistic thrust in this end times. In the early 70’s, the Church started with a handful of missionaries thinly spread out in some remote areas of the Philippines. Through the empowerment of God and administration of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Ferriol with his few ministers fervently preached the gospel in different towns, cities and provinces of our country.

(A. dela Cruz)