What: 3rd European Youth Fellowship
When: March 1-3
Where: Athens, Greece
Who: Young People of PMCC 4th Watch all around the Europe
Guest Speakers: Ptr. Joseph Concepcion (San Diego, California)
                               Ptr. Leticia Ferriol (Philippines)
                               Ptr. Violy Concepcion
Theme: Enlarging your Vision Go for the Mission
Venue: President Hotel Athens Greece

From the 1st until the 3rd of March, the Philippi district once again made a very big step concerning the young people in Europe, as the 3rd European Youth Fellowship paved its way to victory. The said event was held at the very well known historical country of Greece, with over a hundred youth delegates from different locale churches across Europe gathered. The President Hotel served as the event venue,  “Enlarging Your Vision, Go For the Mission” was the theme of the event.

The Opening night was a big success. A performance of the Athens Young Watchers liven up the first day of the event. The 2nd day was full of very productive workshops such as: Media, Information Technology, Arts and Crafts, Song Leading and Photography. With the help of our teachers: Ptr. Joseph Concepcion, Bro. Rhandy Dancel, Bro. Noemel Muncada, Ptr. Violy Concepcion, the youth participants gained new knowledge and techniques concerning the the things that they’ve been learned from the workshops.

The MBS Night where the Unveiling of the Curtain of the MBS (Europe Extension) took place served as the highlight of the 2nd Day. The curtain was unveiled in the very presence of the GOIC, International Evangelist and Church Council, Ptr. Let Ferriol, together with the Area Coordinator of the European District, Ptr. Violy Concepcion. The event was very memorable for the delegates who personally witnessed this historical event in the Philippi district. Tears overflowed from the eyes of our very hard working ministers as it was an answer to their earnest prayer, that may the workers of God be multiplied in Europe.

By the bountiful grace of God, the 3rd European Youth Fellowship was a great success with an attendance of more than a hundred, 5 baptisms and 4 youths dedicated their lives in God’s vineyard. At the closing service, some young people were asked about their experiences during the youth fellowship. All of them responded positively to the question. Indeed, a seed was planted in each and everyone  that will surely help them grow in their faith and a vision that will surely lead them to where God wants them to be. And even if the youth delegates have already gone back to their different places, the words that everyone received will always bind them together in one vision, which is to go for the mission.

Bro. Adriane Villorante