"God’s calling is not an imagination but God’s calling is a HAPPENING “, a line from our beloved Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol (which I just viewed from youtube.com) struck my heart into deeper curiosity upon  “GOD’S CALLING”. What if? But? How? Why?, an assertive query once you heard such riddled utterance.

 As the 3rd European Youth Fellowship carry on to the climax of its second day, my ratiocinative apperception keeps on roving since I already knew that the accentuated spot that very night was the “MBS(Maranatha Bible School)NIGHT “ and especially the unveiling of the “MBS EUROPE EXTENSION”.

A walk of deliberation starts the night. Our beloved Evangelist Leticia Ferriol, our dedicated Philippi Area Coordinator – Ptr. Violy Concepcion, our exhilarating and humble guest – Ptr. Joseph Concepcion together with our devoted Philippi workers and our vigorous Maranatha Bible School students made an astounding entrance as they marched with firmness that God had been “ENLARGING THEIR VISION” and no matter what happens, “THEY WILL GO FOR GOD’S MISSION”.

Incessant tears of joy began to pour out the moment they began to unveil the MBS insignia. Amidst all sacrifices, steadfast intercession and immeasurable grace of God, truly the “VISION” for “GOD’S MISSION” is eventually “HAPPENING”.

Video testimonies, presentations and the profound theatrical play (PANATA) starts to vindicate the questions I have in mind or should I say “WE” because I know most of us who perceived God’s moving, It was really amazing! We were so blessed.

 Extremely God is marvelous! The night’s main course was served by our beloved Evangelist – Pastor Leticia Ferriol. She spoke the word of God with enormous power as it strikes deep in our hearts into our souls. It really strengthen our faith as young people of the Church and gave us more inspiration to be a faithful servant of God.

God moves in mysterious way. Four young people dedicate their lives for “GOD’S MISSION”. Different ages, stories and life struggles but then they were one with their “VISION”. From there I realize one thing, “Do not  imagine God’s calling, MAKE IT HAPPEN” .



Madrid, Spain