Over a hundred brethren from the Philippi district stepped away from their daily mundane tasks last April 5-7 ,2013 to take part in a groundbreaking event, the 1st European Elders and Adult Fellowship held in the picturesque city of  Milan, Italy. This event was just a glimmer in Ptr Violy Concepcion’s  eye,the Philippi district Coordinator,  but by the help of God with the support of the Apostle in the end time, she felt compelled to make it a reality with the unequivocal support of all the Pastors and workers of the entire district especially the host locale pastor, Ptr.Tom Salanap and the brethren in Milan , Italy.


1st European elders Conference

The first elders conference was held in the newly built house of worship in Pero, Milan. Around 20 elders from the whole Philippi district convened to experience this event.

The service was commenced by invocation and singing led by Sis Judith Dancel, elder from Slough , UK. The singing talent of Sis Julie Quinatadcan, an elder from   London  was also featured to lift the wonderful Name of our Lord.

The getting-to-know-you portion served as an ice breaker for everyone involved in order to get acquainted with their fellow elders from different churches.

Encapsulating the happiness and the thirst for the word of God, Ptr. Violy Concepcion began her message with the very apt question, “What is our value as an elder?” She gave further practical as well as spiritual values of an elder in the church and expounded on the astounding qualities of an elder expected in the PMCC 4th watch. The convergence ended with  questions and answers and the conference ended with a prayer and a sense of a renewed dedication from all the attendees.


1st European Adult Conference

Historically, the 6th of April in 1896 was seen as the date of the first Olympics of the modern era held in Athens, Greece. This date was also the birthday of the renowned Renaissance artist Raphael who incidentally was born in Urbino, Italy. He created some of the world’s greatest masterpieces with a Madonna (Mother and Child ) theme.

In the PMCC 4th Watch Philippi District, this date marked the celebration of the 1st  European Adult Conference held in Pero,Milan with the theme “Enlarging our Vision, Go for the Mission “ .

A total of 134 registered adult brethren from the different churches around Europe endeavoured to attend this significant event for the district.

The day started with the devotion service and a hearty breakfast served by the host, Milan locale.

As the ceremony began, Sis Amphy Agbulos, led the congregation to a lively praise and worship singing with the Milan Praise and Worship team, before Ptr Thess Salanap, (Madrid locale) entrusted the service to God thru the opening prayer. The offertory message ministered by Ptr Jessete Noche of Paris locale affirmed  on the importance of supporting God’s work by remaining faithful and consistent in His words.

The different churches of Norway, UK, France and Netherlands also prepared different songs of praise that truly moved the assemblage in worship to God.

The Word of God truly nourished and satiated our desire to serve Him, ministered by the Philippi district coordinator, Ptr Violy Concepcion. She inspired all the brethrens to ask God for the visions they were passionate about and make that chosen vision a reality. Ptr Violy also shared the joy she felt along with the European pastors  in seeing brothers and sisters work together for a common good, she encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves to a higher standard of work for the glory of God.

After a sumptuous lunch, the service continued with the nomination and election of the very first set of adult officers who will spearhead the works of the adult department in the entire Philippi District headed by Ptr Violy Concepcion.

As part of the afternoon activity, workshops were also incorporated. The brethren were encouraged to attend any workshops they feel would enable them to nurture their talents according to their interests. The workshops included were as follows: Emcee/Songleading presented by Sis Cherry Sotero, I.T. /Video & Photography presented by Bro Rhandy Dancel, Sound system set-up by Bro. Ronald Sotero,Arts and Signs by Bro Nomel Muncada and Table Setting and Assisting by Bro Alex Vasquez.

As the  aroma of Italian coffee wafted thru the air along  with the mid afternoon snack prepared by the host,  the adult convocation continued with the brethren posting anonymous questions and answers were provided by the Philippi District Pastors and Workers.

The energy and camaraderie felt by the congregation sustained the event throughout the day especially with the  mini concert featuring “Adults Got Talents”. Truly the talents displayed by the brethren from the Philippi District emanates from the grace of God He has given freely to the Church.

The day ended with the word of God ministered once again by Ptr Violy Concepcion.

With the motivation from the Word of God, a day of interaction with the brethren, and  spirit –filled service enjoyed by all, it was truly a day to remember!


Cherry Sotero
United Kingdom
1st European Elders & Adult Fellowship 2013