The Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) held its Luzon Youth Camp from April 8-10, 2013 in the AATF Sports Complex in Imus, Cavite. Themed “Preaching the Gospel with Apostolic Authority” (Romans 16:25), the focal point of the annual event is the assurance in preaching the gospel and evangelizing the Word of God with Apostolic authority. Thousands of youth from the numerous local churches in Luzon made their journey to Cavite in order to take part in a 3-day long prayer and meditation of the Word of God.

Each day was jam-packed with powerful messages compellingly ministered by the great pastors of the church. From the daily morning devotion up to the night services, the campers were overjoyed by how the words of God were abundant and encouraging in this event. 

Day One

The camp began with the daily morning devotion, with Pastor Crisanto Enriquez, Macedonia Area Coordinator, as the message speaker after the Bethany Area lifted a song of praise unto God. The Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol also delivered a message which further enlightens the campers. 

After breakfast, three seminars were in store for the campers. The first speaker was Bishop Arturo Ferriol, Bethel Area Coordinator. The Apostle serves as the second speaker who elaborated the theme of the camp. He stressed that according to the Bible, the sent one of God is the one who speaks the words of God. Bishop Rustico Zonio, Cilicia Area Coordinator, followed as the third speaker with the topic of End-time Evangelism. He mentioned that when this kind of preaching happened the end will come, and we were given opportunity to work.

Before lunch, the essay writing and illustration contests were held, participated both by the young watchers as well as the AIT students, which lasted for more than an hour. 

The fourth seminar was speaker Pastor Reynald Sulayao, Bethlehem Area Coordinator. With the topic of ‘Evangelism and Dedication’ he set Apostle Paul as an example of absolute dedication. 

The opening service began at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. A well prepared special number from Zion Area was presented. Then, Pastor Ruben Ventura delivered the offertory message before Bethel Area lifted unto God a lively song of praise. Once again the Apostle once again ministered the words of God, emphasizing that evangelical gospel cannot be delivered without authority.

Day Two

Tuesday began with the campers uniting in prayer during the morning devotion. Pastor Eva Quines , Goshen Area Coordinator, delivered the words of God convincing the attendees how powerful prayer is. 

The morning was once again packed with a series of 4 seminars. Bishop Domingo Ferriol, Antioch Area Coordinator, was the first speaker. He gave a frank and candid talk involving the importance of prayer in evangelizing the words of God. He also said that when the time comes that we were unable to testify and evangelize, that means we were already influenced by the world. As the second speaker Bishop Osinando Quillao, Jerusalem Area Coordinator, gave a detailed discussion about the topic, ‘The Importance of Pure Doctrine’. He stated that a pure doctrine opens the eyes of the blind, destroys heretics, and guarantees right service to God, edifies the believers, saves, leads the believers to be watchful, and leads to whole life dedication. Evangelist Leticia Ferriol served as the third speaker. She further expounded the theme of the camp during her seminar.

Before lunch, the doodle and photography contests were held, also participated both by the young watchers as well as the AIT students, which lasted for more than an hour. 

The coordinator in the Middle East, Pastor Aldrin Palanca, was present as the fourth speaker. His message outlined the ‘Evangelism and Consecration’. His ministry in the Arab countries provided a wealth of insight and experience which he shared to the audience. He said that in order to consecrate ourselves in evangelism, we must be devoted to the truth that we share.

After the seminar, a symposium was held, wherein several questions from the campers concerning issues like the appropriate use of modern technology was answered by the church’s Bishops.

The second night was called the Maranatha Bible School Night because it was the night that the people who had given their lives for the ministry were given recognition. Selected Bible Students and AIT played a special presentation entitled ‘ALAY’ which showed examples of hindrances that many young watchers may encounter in making decisions to offer their lives to the ministry or not. An inspiring song of praise by Goshen Area was lifted unto God after the offertory message was delivered by Pastor Lito dela Torre, the MBS Officer-in-Charge. 

Bishop Arturo was the speaker wherein he pointed out that we must remember that in the church, we were already designated by God. We can honor God by responding to our entrustment which He has given since before our birth, thus agreeing to the plans of God.  We don’t need signs, we don’t need dreams, and supernatural powers are unnecessary to answer the call because we are already delegated by God. 

Moved by the Holy Spirit, hundreds of young watchers responded and went to the stage to kneel and dedicate themselves.

Day Three

The final day of the youth camp began with the morning devotion where the campers once again participated in an hour-long prayer with Pastor Mona Quillao as the speaker. She specified the essential prayer in pursuing the apostolic authority in preaching the gospel.

The seminars in the morning included Pastor Jun Alano, Camarin Locale Head Pastor who discussed the topic ‘Preaching the Gospel with Apostolic Authority, followed by the seminar of the Apostle.

Bishop Arturo, as the third speaker, expanded the topic ‘Evangelism to Perfection’ in which he accentuated that we must consider both the goodness as well as the severity of God; Sternness to those who fell and kindness to those who continue in His kindness. We are the one who will decide which one will come, severity or goodness.

After the first three seminars, the graphic designing contest was held. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Pastor Jonathan Ferriol, the US District Coordinator, was the final seminar speaker with the topic ‘The New Testament Pattern: Everyone a Preacher’. He specified that we are the one who continues the works of the first church, and he also clarified that continuing is different from mimicking. We are the continuation of the first church that was founded on the first century. 

The last event of the Youth Camp was the Dedication Service. It began with the lively singing of praise and worship songs. Both Philadelphia Area and Jerusalem Area offered song of adoration to God that inspired the campers. It was also during the evening that the winners of the different contests received their awards on stage as recognition of their effort and talent. The audience applauded the winners as they were called. The evening's speaker, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol once again made the call for the youth to dedicate their lives to the Lord. He called on those who still harbored doubts to decide for the Lord and approach the stage so that he could pray for them.

After the service, the campers then prepared for their journey back to their respective places of origin. As they boarded their vehicles and left the camp site, they carried with them the renewed strength they received and the resolve to do more for the fulfillment of the God-given mission certain of the Apostolic authority entrusted to them. It was another life changing event where they were able to commune with God and entrust their plans to Him. For those who attended, it was truly worth the travel and the time. (P.Manlapig)