Aug 21-25, 2013 marked the biggest event in the Western European District: Euro Camp 2013! Celebrating its 13th year, it was held in the beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, Spain.

Graced with over 300 delegates from all over Europe, this year's camp was greatly  blessed with the presence of several speakers, such as Ptr. Gallagher and Ptr. Violy Concepcion, along with Ptr. Jonathan and Ptr. Thess Ferriol. Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the power of God's word, the delegates were stirred towards the theme of, "Preaching the Gospel with Apostolic Authority." Based on Romans 16:25, the potent bond between apostolic leadership and the mandate of the Great Commission was clearly emphasized as a tall-order for God's church in the end-time.

The afternoon programs of Song Interpretation and Choir Competition, among others, also showcased many of the district's God-given talents. Another highlight of the 13th Euro Camp, was the launching of the 2nd Eurovision music project. A Christian music album composed of songs written and sung by various brethren throughout the district.   The last night of camp also made history as the 1st MBS Night Europe Extension. Through this, many young people and adults alike, dedicated themselves to various missionary programs of the church.

Culminating this great event was a Grand Worship service, held at the Catalonia Plaza Hotel, which continued to seal the mighty moving of the God's spirit. 


Asherlyn Campos, Geneva