Brethren from the different locale churches in the United Kingdom , part of the Philippi area recently held their annual summer camp on August 14 -18, 2013 in the scenic country of Wales. The special guest speakers who graced the affair expounded on the theme: " Preaching the Gospel with Apostolic Authority " derived from the book of Romans 16:25. By the grace of God, He has provided this camp with the anointed messages coming from the guest speakers, Ptr . Gali Concepcion, Coordinator of West Pacific District and Sis Abigail Ferriol, Representative of the 16th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines.

For the fifth year running, the delegates were housed in the residences of the University of Cardiff as they all wait eagerly for the start of the Opening Ceremony. The Camp orientation was facilitated by the Philippi District Coordinator , Ptr Violy Concepcion. Whilst she reminded the brethren of the expectations of a camper, she also sustained their excitement for the event unfolding before their eyes.

Welcome Night

The Welcome night dawned, and among the many highlight of the service was the avp message of the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol for the campers as he reminded everyone to just not be a good listener but to put into practice all the things heard in the camp. Surely from that message, the brethren already had a good head start with ones expectations and goals for the days ahead. A tribute to the different locale churches followed suit as the bevy of sisters and flag bearers representing each locale church gathered for the Parade of Colours. The 9th UK summer camp was then officially opened by Congresswoman Abigail Ferriol and as soon as the imaginary gavel struck the podium, Ptr Gali Concepcion ministered God's Words with the tenacity of a seasoned speaker and worker for the Lord.

Day 1

The start of day 1 was ushered by the devotion, with Sis Kamille Ruaring, the minister for the Church in Norway as the speaker. After the prayers and breakfast, the brethren returned to the grand hall for the first seminar and the worship service, ministered by Ptr Gali. He spoke on the topic " Strive for a faithful partnership in the end time" taken from Romans 1:5-6. Ptr Gali enumerated five ways of how to attain faithful partnership and one of those is "we must have the same vision" . He warned the brethren with the dangers of the things of this world, "we might be carried away" , and he advised that "we should go along with the apostle's vision" ! The worship service ended with all the brethren kneeling and renewing dedications before God having spiritually filled with God's message. After the lunch hour, the campers converge once again to attend the different workshop seminars. This was a first for this camp and the brethren appreciated this added activity. The preaching contest proved to be one much awaited event for this first day as a total of 24 "preachers" participated from the different departments of the different locales. As the evening drew to a close, a very special audio visual presentation of the many varied ministries of the Church were shown. The brethren glorified God for the Apostle in His Church, that without his leadership and faithfulness to his calling, these vast ministries would not be made possible. The night was capped with another invigorating message ministered by Sis Abigail Ferriol.

Day 2

As the dawn is still about to break, throngs of campers once again trek to the grand hall to start the second day with God's guidance and providence. Speaking of God's manifold blessings before the prayer was Ptr . Roman Reyes, minister of the locale Church in Manchester. The worship service commenced immediately after the seminar with Ptr Gali Concepcion.Speaking in the worship service, Sis Abigail Ferriol's topic, "World proofing our faith" with the text taken from Romans 12:1-2, led many brethren, to dedicate their lives to be used by God. The afternoon activity started with the series of workshops then came one of the most talked about event, the choir competition. Three choirs rendered their cover for the song "Speak to nation" and it was truly an enjoyable event. Following was the most awaited PMCC UK Got Talent , where the brethren from varied departments showcased talents with one aim, for God' s glory. Alongside with this was the Euro End-time Vision, an array of originally composed songs from the whole Philippi District sang by artists from the district with the aim to produce and distribute an album to aid in the evangelisation program of the Church. Once again Sis Abigail Ferriol encapsulated the whole event with the Words of God she ministered.

Day 3

Everyone felt the happiness brought about when brethren came together to worship God, however, as the third day began, the brethren had come to the realisation that the camp is almost over. Not letting the last day deter the resolve of the crowd, the devotion service successfully ushered in the rest of the day, with the Words of God ministered by Ptr May Reyes from Manchester locale. The worship service was again ministered by Ptr Gali Concepcion. His message summed up the feel of the world these days. With his topic "redeeming the time because the days are evil" , Ptr Gali emphasised "the need to decide and act because the enemy is always waiting". The worship service indeed was anointed by God that many of the brethren left the hall lighthearted with spiritual joy. Glory to God! After a quick lunch, a back to back competition of the interpretative and tambourine dance ensued. Slough, Manchester and London locales vied for the prize but the victory went to London locale for both contests. The nucleus of this event came as the MBS, AIT, VFCM and Dedication Night started. Featured in this service were the men and women who committed their lives exclusively for the mission. This dedication night quintessentially summated the 9th UK Camp, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit , God's Words ministered by Ptr Gali and his call for dedication were met with enthusiasm by the whole assemblage!

Sunday Worship and Recognition

As the whole congregation gathered to worship God, a feeling of elation was palpable among the brethren because not only would they serve God,but most importantly to thank Him for the success of the 9th UK Camp! As the different choirs filled the hall with songs of praise, the Words of God blessed the brethren with strength and spiritual vigour. Reminding not just to be hearers but most importantly to be a doer in the vast ministries in our Church. The convention of recognising and awarding the efforts of the winners of the different activities ensued with the whole enjoyment of the brethren. After lunch was served and everyone had their fill, every camper "let their hair down" as the most fun fellowship hour began. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the images captured during this activity sums up the joyous occasion.

The 9th Summer Camp of the PMCC 4th Watch United Kingdom through the grace and providence of God was truly a great success. The Words of God ministered by our speakers served as a wake- up call to the 137 camp delegates to put our faith to God first in our lives. We are sure, because of the apostolic authority of the Church, that our services and dedication will be acceptable to Him. Now as the last camper had left Cardiff, Wales, the call of God to preach and make all nations a disciple is continuous in the Church , the PMCC 4th Watch. Maranatha!!


Sis Cherry Sotero, UK