Louez le Seigneur, Gloire à Dieu! 

Truly the local church of Nice, France, was blessed with the success of their 11th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving.  The occasion was graced by the compelling words of God catered by our beloved Pastor Violy Concepcion, the European Area Coordinator and Minister of the local church in London, England. Brethren from the local church of Paris, headed by Pastor Tanie Noche, as well as the extension worshippers from Marseille, France, joined in the celebration.

Right after the lunch buffet, the Youth and Cadets Department showcased their God-gifted talents in the form of musical repertoires and dances. In addition, the Adult Department also presented an ethnic folk dance to the tune of "Cover the Earth." This paved the way to the "La Grande Finale" – a stage drama presentation, entitled "The Courtroom.” 

Indeed, the mesmerizing works of God are awesome and for that reason, praises and glory are due to His name. The local Pastor of Nice, Pastor Jessette Noche, extends her utmost thanks for all your support and prayers.

To God be the glory!


Al Santos, Nice