“Amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, the Europe district of the Pentecostal missionary church of Christ 4th Watch has unfolded another momentous event, the 2nd Europe Adult conference on the 9th to 11th of May, 2014. This 3 Days event had ushered in the many delegates from Europe and United Kingdom with the locale church of London chosen to host this annual event.

This year, the theme is taken from the book of Zechariah 4:6,”Greater works for a great God!” Truly we have a great God, and He expects greater works from us. Armed with the leadership of the Goodman of the House, the Apostle, extending a very inspirational video greeting, courtesy of the oras ng katotohan tv ministries. Each delegate with and with the fellowship of our ministers and the brethren, we are in achievement of this goal!

By God’s grace, the delegates were empowered with the anointed messages coming from the guest speakers, Ptr . Gali Concepcion, the Coordinator of West Pacific District and Evangelist Ptr. Let Ferriol, the overseer of the Europe, Asia and Australia Districts. Truly we have been blessed by God!

Day 1

The United Kingdom brethren took to the stage and delivered the opening salvo with aplomb whilst the Europe coordinator , Ptr Violy Concepcion welcomed the delegates who made it to London despite the much rather stricter immigration restrictions. Delivering the offertory message during this first day, was the Pastor of Nice locale, Ptr Jessette Noche. As the first day of the event unfolded, one of the many highlights was the message of God ministered with the vigour of a seasoned speaker, anointed by God, Ptr Let explained the holistic composition of an adult, emphasising on the spiritual aspect , where she explained that as the marks of an adult were maturity and stability, it would lead us to grow and bear fruits, and be able to sustain it by the help of the Holy Spirit!

Immediately after lunch, the first series of seminars was ministered by Ptr Gallagher Concepcion, he made a comparative exposé on the different church groups and emphasised on the truth in the doctrines taught by the goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol.

An additional feature for this day was the health and well being symposium facilitated by Sis Cherry Sotero for the sisters and Bro Rhandy Dancel for the brothers.

Day 2

The first day whisked by and the second day was ushered by the devotion service. The Offertory message was ministered by Ptr Tom Salanap from Milan. Before kneeling down to pray, God’s Words was delivered with the anointment of the Holy Spirit by Ptr Let Ferriol.

The second seminar immediately followed through after breakfast and once again, Ptr Let taught the congregation the ABC’s of growth, how to attain maturity and fullness of Christ’s stature. Remaining true to her teaching vocation, she concluded by giving a test to which the brethren accepted gladly!

Part of the conference were the workshops collaborated by : Sis Cherry (MC and Songleading) , Bro Jun Robles ( Atrs and Signs), Bro Ting Reyes and Sis Kamille Ruaring ( Theatre Arts) , Bro Ronald Sotero (Sounds) and Bro Rhandy Dancel (Video and Editing). After the workshops had ended, Ptr Violy Concepcion announced the election of the new set of adult officers for 2014.

Once again,Ptr Gali Concepcion led the brethren with the afternoon seminar and served as the resource speaker who answered questions posed during the symposium that followed immediately after the seminar.

As the night was drawing to a close, the Words spoken by God through Ptr Let acted an integral part to draw all the delegates to rededicate their lives before God. As she unfolded the ways and means of how to be an effective soul winner and putting in perspective that great love of God for us, she delivered the core message of the conference, to do greater works for a great God!

Day 3

Already invigorated by the messages, the assembly converged to a Grand Sunday Worship Service. The gathering was initiated by the praise and worship team of London. A feeling of elation was indeed palpable among the brethren for God has truly been gracious! One highlight of the service was the induction and affirmation to office of the 2014-2015 Europe Adult Officers. Commissioned to be the president for the second year running is Sis Amphy Agbulos from London locale. Ptr Let then lead the brethren to the Words of God. Emphasising the importance of true worship. Many visitors accepted The Lord during the altar call.
After a sumptuous lunch, all the attendees were given certificate whilst the penultimate event ensued where different special numbers were prepared to the enjoyment of the whole congregation!

Finally, the coordinator of Europe, Ptr Violy Concepcion was surprised with video greetings from her love ones and all the brethren in Europe district, for this day was also her birthday! Recognising the great work of God in her life, Ptr Violy acknowledged Ptr Let who she paid tribute to as a significant part of her ministry!

By God’s grace and mercy, the 2nd Europe Adult Conference was indeed successfully concluded and was not hindered. May the Words of God, the love and support of all our pastors and workers,and the fellowship of all the brethren inspire us to do greater works for God! Let us once again await with joyful anticipation what our Lord has in store for us. To God be all the glory!!!

Sis Cherry S.”

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