“And though your beginning was small, yet your latter days will be very great” Job 8:7

This verse in the Bible clearly defined how God worked mightily in His Church. Though it started from its humble beginning, yet now became a glorious and established state at present. This truth is undeniable and evidences are just beyond the corner. Today, many houses of worship were built both here and abroad. 

And as the work of God expands, local churches abroad also continuous to grow, one of these proofs is the growing church of PMCC (4th Watch) Barcelona, Spain. Everyone could feel one’s worth and blessedness as believers gathered in their 8th year founding anniversary. Brethren were brought up by their earnest desire to be a part of the said occasion, because truly in this kind of gathering God manifested His utmost blessings. 

This once in a year event was held at Hotel Tryp Apolo dated last June 1. “Excellent Service Through Apostolic Teaching” was the chosen theme taken from Philippians 4:8-9. Everyone was blessed as Sis. Eva Atiwan gave her welcome remarks. An awe-inspiring offertory message was delivered by Pastor Tess Salanap, encouraging every believer to support the prevailing mission in evangelism. 

Everyone experienced the strengthening of their spirit and faith as they listen to the words of God delivered by the European District Coordinator, Pastor Violy Concepcion.

In the evening, a dance and concert were held. Music served as an instrument to bring God’s message of love to everyone. (J.Mirano)