The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH OF CHRIST (4th Watch) Europe District gathered together in unity and spirit of kinship to celebrate the 2015 Adult Conference held in the capital and largest city of Spain, Madrid! This event, commemorated on the 12th to 15th of March, 2015 aimed to reflect on the theme : Conquering the End-time Battle through Apostolic Doctrines encapsulated in Romans 6:17-18.
As the delegates troupe to this cultural hub of most of the Southern Europe, the members of the locale Church in Madrid, led by the energetic Pastor Tess Salanap, made sure that all are welcomed and needs catered for as everyone prepared for this conference.
The opening service commenced with congregational praise and worship songs led by Sister Amphy Agbulos and the UK praise and worship singers. The delegates were welcomed officially by the Coordinator of the Europe District , Pastor Violy Concepcion. Our Pastor also introduced the keynote Speaker for this momentous event, the coordinator of the Western Pacific District ,Pastor Gallagher Concepcion.
The Words of God spoken by our seasoned guest speaker emphasized the need for everyone to fulfill the theme of Conquering The End-Time Battle through Apostolic Doctrines. As he explained this theme, he also attested on our Apostle’s whole hearted dedication, love and firm resolve in furthering the works for the Church in the end time, the PMCC (4th Watch)! Encapsulating his messages for this event, he steered everyone to remain loyal to the Goodman of the House, the Bishops and to serve righteously according to the rules of the Church. The Word of God spoken by His humble servant served as a caveat, a wake up call to all present in this holy gathering.

As the new day dawned and started with the devotional prayers, the delegates were presented with cornucopia of activities. Among these were seminars and workshops aimed to acquire new information and skills, and also outdoor activities were in readiness.These proved to be popular as everyone participated enthusiastically in all of them as judged by the laughters and cheers that boisterously filled the grounds!
Continuing with the day’s activities, the President of the Europe District Adult Department, Sister Amphy Agbulos, presented the “By-laws for the Europe Adult Watchers Department” to everyone present highlighting the responsibilities of the officers and fueling solidarity and bond to all adult watchers in the Europe District.
The day splendidly completed with the efficacious message from Pastor Gali as he reminded everyone of our accountability as adults in our service for God, the mission and our family. Following his message, everyone were drawn to prayers of dedication to God.
The event concluded with the grand worship to God starting with praise and worship led by the Madrid brethren. Pastor Gali once again ministered the Word of God summarizing the important reminders for all attendees to be a conqueror employing apostolic doctrines.

The Spanish experience had not been completed without indulging in a culinary cuisine “paella”for lunch. When everyone had their fill, the closing ceremonies ensued with the acknowledgement of the first time delegates and the guest speaker. The congregation were also presented with different talents that ensured the enjoyment of the crowd!
These and more will not be made into fruition without the grace and mercy of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. For God’s glory the 2015 Adult Conference was successfully embarked. The prayer and support of the Goodman of the House along with the Coordinator, Pastor Violy Concepcion and all the ministers and workers of the Europe District has made this event truly memorable. Moreover with the Word of God ministered by Pastor Gallagher Concepcion satiated our spirits, may the blessings we received during this conference will all the more inspire us to be conqueror in the end – time! Gloria A Dios! (C.Sotero)11104007_10206869489884719_185161539_ndb11104007_10206869489884719_185161539_nAdult Conference 2015