The Locale Church of Berkshire, United Kingdom celebrated the unprecedented success of the 2015 Church anniversary with the theme taken from 1 John 5:3-4, Perfect Obedience Leading to a Victorious Faith. This celebration of God’s faithfulness was witnessed by an abundance of visitors as well as brethren from Berkshire,London and Manchester as they convened in the Slough Polish Club,Berkshire. This year, the Europe District Coordinator Ptr Violy Concepcion and the Deputy Coordinator Ptr Tess Salanap had graced this event.

With the fervour of the day’s proceedings, a collection of life changing testimonies from brethren who experienced God’s healing, dedication and blessings were witnessed by the attendees at the outset.

Momentarily as the Worship service began, Bro Rhandy Dancel, the locale’s worker and newly graduate Bible Student, expressed his gratitude to the Goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol for his constant admonitions to further God’s work, to Ptr Violy Concepcion for her consistent support and guidance for this locale, to all ministers and brethren whose unwavering partnership were truly manifested on this day, and to our God, Who without His mercy, grace and providence, this day will not be made possible!

Highlighting the worship celebration was the Words of God powerfully ministered by the Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker, Ptr Violy Concepcion. The message encapsulated the theme for this year, Perfect obedience leading to a victorious faith. This message is a reflection on the ultimate aim of a human being, to be victorious because failure is not an option. Ptr Violy reiterated the kinds of obedience that leads to victory. The message further motivated and moved the hearts of the visitors to answer the altar call and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The afternoon events swiftly followed after a sumptuous lunch catered by the Berkshire locale. A show exhibiting various display of talents was presented by the youth and adult watchers. The brethren also gave Ptr Violy a surprise birthday serenade as she celebrates her special day!

Church anniversaries are special as it is our way of giving thanks to God’s faithfulness to our faith, life and service. This year has been tremendously blessed by God. As the day turned into night, and the events of the day has gone swiftly, all that was left was the uplifting of the spirit , that whatsoever our consequences in life are and will be, God is sufficient, God is able, we only need to obey and that is our victory! Praise the Lord!


Sis. Cherry Sotero