From its humble beginning, PMCC (4th Watch) Madrid Locale celebrated its 15th Church Anniversary & Thanksgiving in HOTEL JARDIN METROPOLITANO in Madrid, Spain last June 07, 2015. Commenced with blithesome praises and psalms of adoration ignite the prelusion of the event as the Madrid Worship Team led the crowd in worshiping God.

The most awaited moment of Madrid Locale was truly an amazing one. A full blast of visitors together with the brethren has filled the place. This event was attended by our Ministers and Pastors from Milan, Marbella, Wales and Austria.  We are very honored to have once again Consul General Emmanuel Fernandez from the Philippine Embassy of Madrid, also a visitor from Asociación Cultural Galeon de Manila, Madam Perla Primicias (daughter of the late Senator Cipriano Primicias, Sr.) was one of our prominent guest together with the FILIPINO COMMUNITY LEADERS as well as the different  CHURCH LEADERS here in Spain also shown their support to us. Welcome remarks have been rendered by the resident Pastor of Madrid, Beloved Ptr.Tess Lanuang Salanap. She uttered the words of gratefulness to our distinctive guest with all sincerity. Ptr.Tom Salanap from Milan, Italy ministered a powerful offertory message.

This event becomes more divinely favored throughh the humble servant of God, our guest speaker, Global Evangelist Leticia Santos Ferriol who ministered the magnificent and a life-changing message of God that leads those who witness and heard God´s message to accept the healing and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the event continues, Gospel Concert proceeded. A Musical Play entitled : ELIJAH (The Prophet of Fire) has been performed together with special performances from our cadets,youth and adult department.

15 years of God´s providence, blessing and faithfulness has been experienced. God´s mighty exploits have conquered every chaos we encountered throughout the years. This we owe to our Europe District´s Area Coordinator, Ptr.Violy Concepcion, who is always been our inspiration to strive more upon God´s mission and most especially, our beloved man of God, the Goodman of the House, God´s sent one, APOSTLE ARSENIO TAN FERRIOL, who keeps strengthening our faith, stirring up our enthusiasm being God´s servant and an excellent example of a life with HOLINESS and SERVICE unto God. To God be all the glory!!!

-Sis. Sunshine Abuan –