Praise the Lord! Summer has been the season looked forward by many as it signals long days of sunshine and relaxation. In the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch , summer has always been significant what with the much anticipated spiritual summer camp!

This summer the Philippi Europe District gathered together in unity and spirit of kinship to celebrate the 2015 UK Summer Camp! The venue chosen for this event was the University of Cardiff, Wales. This yearly gathering was centred on the theme : Abiding in Christ taken from the book of John 15:7.

The brethren comprising the locale churches of UK from London, Manchester, Berkshire, Wales and Brighton came to witness and be a receiver of God’s never ending grace and favour. As part of the camp opening night, our brethren lovingly presented each local church with the parade of nations followed by the bevy of muses representing each locale. The district was blessed to have an array of Godly and honoured guest speakers who lovingly graced this event. The Words of God were spoken by seasoned men and women of God in the person of Ptr Rhodora Ramos , Ptr Luningning Ferriol, Ptr Gallagher Concepcion, and our beloved Bishop Domingo Ferriol. The messages delivered and inculcated by our Bishop indulge our reminiscence of God’s love and mercies to us. Central theme of their messages were remaining consistent and faithful to God by abiding in Christ thru the teachings of the apostle.

The camp was also made enjoyable because of the different competitions that proved to be more and more popular among the congregations. We have witnessed how the brethren supported each other as evident of their cheers and participation during this activities. The penultimate service was the MBS and Dedication Night. Having been immersed with God’s admonitions through the messages, the hearts of the brethren were touched when Bishop Domingo Ferriol delivered the call to dedicate for the mission of God. The camp highlight cannot come soon enough when on Sunday, all delegates worshiped God and experienced the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. Once again, the purpose of this gathering became very evident in the faces of those present.

This camp by the grace and mercy of God was well and truly victorious! With the loving support of Europe District Coordinator, Pastor Violy Concepcion and armed with the truthfulness of God’s calling to the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, we are reassured that this camp strengthened our faith! See you all next summer! To God be all the glory!

Sis. Cherry Sotero