31st of August to officially conclude the summer season by participating in the annual sports fest held in the Charring Cross sports club, London. This lively event, following the UK District’s previously concluded Summer Camp; posed as an opportunity for the brethren to have fun and to actively partake and in the various activities that were being held. The sports fest begun with competitive rounds of Badminton against the locales – Wales Extension, Berkshire, London and Manchester locale. The alternating rounds of badminton allowed the locales to play and compete against each other, with a winning locale after each round. With different locale representatives playing after each round, badminton allowed a fair opportunity for many team members to partake in a healthy competition.


Badminton was then followed by the cheering competition, where each team proudly cheered, sung and shouted their team names, mantras and cheers to represent themselves and to lift team spirits. As well as this, various dance routines were also displayed in the hopes claiming the prize for the cheering competition. The Wales Extension ‘Pink Warriors’ were the winning cheer and team against the London ‘Conquerors’ and the London ‘Warriors’, the Berkshire ‘Overcomers’ and the Manchester ‘Blue Eagles’.

As with any traditional sports fest, there was a display of lively activities and games for all the brethren and cadets to participate and to thoroughly enjoy. The success of this year’s UK sports fest is an example of how we can glorify God in all that we do, through energetic activity and through the joy of fellowship. Praise the Lord!