From the 19th until the 21st of February 2016 marked the 6th Annual Youth Conference of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Europe District. Young people from local churches all over Europe gathered together to attend this glorious event. Held in Milan, Italy – a place well known for its iconic fashion and rich culture, the theme for this year’s youth conference was REVIVING YOUTH IN THE END-TIME THROUGH APOSTOLIC MINISTRY.

With the united efforts of the District Young Watchers’ Officers, cooperation of the local young people, and leadership of the ministers and Pastor Violy Concepcion, Europe District Coordinator, this kind of gathering was organized to give a chance for the youth of the PMCC (4th Watch) to be equipped, bond with their brothers and sisters in Christ, and receive spiritual empowerment.

The different activities was aimed to better equip the young people in their service to the Lord. Seminar-workshops was done to impart to them different skills that they can use in their respective local churches. Videography, Graphic Layouting, Songleading, and Letter cutting was just a few of the skills that the youth were able to learn about.

The youth also bonded together to bring people to Jesus Christ. Utilizing the flash mob concept, they sang and danced in the well-known tourist spot, Piazza del Duomo, then they preached the word of God in Italian, German, Spanish and English languages. It was like the day of Pentecost all over again.

The most important of the Youth Conference was the meditation of the word of God. The one who expounded on this theme throughout the event was none other than Pastor Gallagher Concepcion, a humble and experienced worker of God  and also the Area Coordinator of the churches in the Western Pacific Islands. Also on hand to minister the message of revival to the youth was our special guest speaker from the Philippines, Bro. Archie Ferriol, one of the faculty members of the Maranatha Bible School. The youth were once again refreshed in the Spirit through the daily meditation on the words of God and in continuous prayer. Truly, the theme of this year’s youth conference was internalised by the youth and produced fruitful works!

Proving once again that indeed, Christianity in Europe is being revived because of God’s mighty hand! Gloria Dio!

(Rchie May Sotero)

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