It was a blessed day prepared by God for the ministers and brethren of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in Madrid, Spain. From the very onset, as each brethren make final preparations before the start of the Grand Worship, one can feel the guiding power of the Holy Spirit.

As the doors of the Hotel Jardin Metropolitano opened, hundreds of brethren and visitors poured into the Auditorium to take part in the Grand Worship. The venue was filled with songs of praises and adoration unto the Lord as the brethren were moved by the Holy Spirit. Sisters April Tan and Kareen Carbonel, Bible Students from Vienna and Cyprus, and selected brethren from the Local Church in Marbella, Spain were also invited to offer songs glorifying the name of the Lord. The Choir of Madrid Locale also prepared a song to show their utmost thanksgiving to our Saviour. The powerful presence of God was more than evident in every part of the gathering.

Pastor Tess Salanap, Head Pastor of the Madrid Locale, officially welcomed the brethren and the visitors to the divine gathering. On hand also to take part in the celebrations were 1st Consul MaryLuck Hicarte from the Philippine Embassy, Labor Attache Ma. Elvira Ador of OWWA, Madame Perla Primicias – Vice President of the Associacion Cultural de Galileon de Manila, and Dr. Edwin Escala.

In every gathering of the PMCC (4th Watch), the meditation of the Word of God will always be the most important part. Pastor Violy Concepcion, Europe District Coordinator, ministered to them the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Being empowered is just but one of the experiences of all those who listened intently. After being blessed by the word of God, there are 121 visitors and 18 of them has been baptised on that same day.

But the brethren were not done yet. A special presentation entitled “Total Praise” were prepared by the youth of the church. Under the strict mentorship of Brother Luis Angelo Concepcion, the brethren showcased their God-given talents through songs of praises, dances and special numbers.

This was just the 16th Anniversary of the Local Church of Madrid and it was truly a victorious celebration that glorified God and became a blessing to many. Should the Lord tarry and allow a few more years to be added to this Local Church, we believe that we will witness greater works of the Lord. Praise the Name of the Lord!

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