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Church history was made on the second of May, as the locale churches of the united kingdom come together to celebrate their very first area fellowship. This took place in London, in the South Fields Playing Fields, and was graciously hosted by Sis. Anna Magnaye and the members of London locale. This first ever UK area fellowship was a day dedicated to joyful and spirited camaraderie as the brethren from all over UK participated in sports, such as basketball and volleyball. The brethren also bonded together over a delicious lunch served by the brethren from London locale. Following the lunch was parade, wherein each locale showcased their team banners and colours such as, the London ‘Warriors’, The Berkshire Red ‘Overcomers’, The Manchester ‘Blue Eagles’ and the Wales ‘Pink Warriors’. Following the team parade was praise and worship, where joyful songs were sung to the Lord by the brethren. After the opening prayer, the teams representing each locale performed their cheer dance routines, which all helped to promote team spirit. The rest of the games, dances and fellowship continued in the London locale chapel, where the winners of the cheer and each game was announced. This joyous occassion was a success, as the brethren from UK congregated together to enjoy the beauty of fellowship- an opportunity that can only be found in the Church. To God be the glory!