God has once again showed the proof of His faithfulness to the people of PMCC(4thwach) Amsterdam Locale as they were gathered together to celebrate their most anticipated church anniversary. The event was held at R.K Parochie Emmaus, Gibraltarstraat 55 3rd Floor Amsterdam wherein, 57 people with 44 visitors included, joined together to witness the goodness of God. The divine service started with joyful praises and worship songs that prepared the hearts of the congregation to worship God. After the opening prayer, Pastor Myrna Librado, the locale Head pastor, led the service with her welcoming remarks. Special song of praise were rendered by the Belgium choir to incline everyone’s hearts and minds in the meditation of the Words of God. The whole congregation was blessed by the Words of God ministered to them by Pastor Violy Conception, Europe District Coordinator. No amount of words of thanksgiving was enough to thank God for truly the delight and satisfaction that He has given to our brethren in Amsterdam that day was truly enormous. To God be all the Highest Glory!!