A most awaited and unforgettable moment happened last March 13, 2016 as Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in Spain and Portugal celebrated their First Area Fellowship. Every local church from the Yellow Gold Area gathered in Madrid, Spain to worship, to witness mighty works, and to renew and strengthen their faith through the words of God.

To prepare the congregation in the spirit of Worship, the master of the ceremony introduced Madrid Praise & Worship team to lead the crowd in joyful singing. It was then followed by an opening prayer and scripture reading that was headed by Sister Kamille Muncada and Sister Julie Cabrillas, respectively. The resident Pastor of Madrid, Beloved Pastor Tess Salanap, formally welcomed the attendees, most especially the visitors. Also, a powerful offertory message was ministered by Brother Marlon Miciano from Marbella.

Aside from the congregational singing, songs of praises were also heard on that day rendered by brethren of the locale churches of Marbella, Portugal, Barcelona and Madrid as they sang delightedly for the Lord. They prepared everyone’s heart in receiving God’s Holy Words.

Having the presence of Bro Archie Ferriol brought overwhelming joy in the hearts of the brethren. His awe-inspiring message revolved around the theme: “UNITY IN FAITH THROUGH APOSTOLIC MINISTRY (EPHESIANS 4:13)” which admonished everyone with the pure and unadulterated word of God, exhorting them to work together in unity in accordance to the apostolic ministry of the Church.

As the event continued, brethren from different locale churches united in playing and showcasing their talents that brought revival to everyone. So in spite of the hardships and difficulties endured by the brethren in preparing this momentous event, the grace of God abounds. As the attendees went home with gladness and empowered spirits, a new milestone was experienced by the Yellow Gold Area. To God be all the Glory!