The diaspora vision of the the Philippi District coordinator , Ptr Violy Concepcion is now being realised as one by one, cities from the different countries of the European Union are now being pioneered for plentiful harvests for the Lord.

By the grace of God, through the fervent prayers of the church, and after the original opening in 2012 by Orange Area Sub-coordinator Ptr. Mylene Estopa, the work of God resumes again in Germany.

Initially as they came in this renowned country ,this city offered them no reprieve, but by God’s grace after long travels and five trains later, Ptr. Violy Concepcion, Ptr. Mylene Estopa, and Sis. Melissa Khan, second year AIT student, finally set foot in Germany. Morning by morning our sisters devoted their prayers so that God will do mightily in this city.

Friends and previous contacts were gathered for the much anticipated first worship of the year, resulting in an attendance of 12. The service was hosted in Erkelenz, Germany on April 17, 2016 in the home of deaconess, Sis. Rebecca Giebels.

The work of God continues on along with the ministerial help of Sis. Jovel Punzalan and Sis. Ezra Jarencio.

The apostolic order of personal evangelism immediately paved the way for three baptisms on the first week. Currently there are a total of 14 newly baptised brethren since the opening of God’s work. To date, the highest attendance reached was a total of 20 worshippers by the mercy and help of God. Indeed, it is only by prayer and ministry of the Word that the work of God was established once again.

As with pioneering aspects, teething problems are bound to be encountered but since we all are united with the ministry of the Goodman of the House, these and more will be outgrown, and a victorious locale will soon emerged. To God be the Glory!

Sis Melissa Khan

Sis Cherry Sotero

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