The recently concluded UK Summer Camp 2016 of the Europe (Philippi) District of the PMCC4th Watch was a resounding success owing to the grace and mercy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! The ministry of the Goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol extended strongly in the United Kingdom with the indefatigable and very humble district coordinator Ptr Violy Concepcion at the helm, many felt a different ambience and fervour with not a few brethren labelled it “the best camp ever!” Praise the Lord!

This year’s theme as taken from the Gospel of John 9:4 truly summarised the essence of our works and services in His Church. His Words delivered to the brethren by two of the distinguished ministers, Ptr Reynald Sulayao and Bishop Aldrin Palanca served like a salve that soothed the weary and light that illuminated the hearts and understanding of the many attendees from the different UK local churches, Manchester , Wales, Berkshire and London.

The conference hall of Cardiff University was once again used for the many events beginning with the Opening Night when our brethren lovingly presented each local church with the parade of nations followed by the bevy of muses representing each locale. It was also a place where the campers witnessed the much anticipated programmes such as “PMCC got Talent, Body Worship Dance and the Choir Competitions with London locale emerging as the grand champion! Glory to God!

Always on this services comes the MBS and dedication night. The MBS and AIT students presented an AVP where each one of them talked about how they made their decisions in giving their life to the ministry. Although it was witty, the messages were clear, that giving your life to God is and would be the best decision ever! Having been immersed with God’s goodness through the message delivered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca, many young people and adult responded to the call of dedication.

Concluding this blessed and eventful gathering was the grand worship. As soon as the entrance of the partakers followed with the praise and worship, up until the message of grace, the hall reverberated with exuberant singing and shouts of praises! How wonderful it really is, for brethren to dwell together and praise the Name of the Lord!! This 5 day gathering created bonds of strong fellowship and like kindred spirits, united hopes and one prayer to make the theme “Finishing the Works of Christ” a reality! Truly it was the best camp ever! Praise the Lord!

Sis. Cherry Sotero


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