Eurocamp 2016 – Opening Night

Just as the Church of old had frequently enjoyed fellowshipping together, the children of God throughout Europe once again gathered to take part in EuroCamp 2016! This much anticipated event was held in Madrid, Spain at the Holiday Inn Hotel, August 3-7.

The opening ceremony commenced with the presentation of the flag bearers and muses; beautifully presenting the array of countries and cities where the works of God are established. 
A colorful and dynamic opening salvo was presented by the hosting church for this year’s EuroCamp – Madrid locale.

Campers witnessed a video presentation, that displayed the very first EuroCamp, which was also held in Madrid, Spain. It is evident that God has worked marvelously in the Europe district, from humble beginnings to a prosperous present.

Warm welcome remarks were given by the dynamic Philippi District Coordinator, Ptr. Violy Concepcion. This year’s guest speakers were acknowledged: Ptr. Sam Ferriol, Bishop Aldrin Palanca and Ptr. Elleza Palanca, from the Gilead area, and the Philippi District Regional Overseer, the beloved Bishop Arturo Ferriol.

Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, sent special video greetings, congratulating and exhorting the brethren of the central theme for this year’s camp, “Finishing The Work Of Christ.”

The evening’s keynote speaker was the very inspiring and charismatic Bishop Aldrin Palanca. The message emphasized the works of Christ that believers in the end time, must continue to finish. As the first night came to a close, campers were already sparked with excitement in great anticipation of God’s abundant blessing. Glory to God!

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