The PMCC 4th Watch local church of Israel recently held a two day celebration for their church anniversary on the 3rd to 4th of September 2016 at the Gilgal Hotel, Tel Aviv. This spiritual event was made possible with the leadership of Ptr Sanny and Ptr Tat Madrid along with the brethren’s unified efforts through prayers and fasting. Glory to God!

This event was graced by the ever supportive Philippi District Coordinator Ptr Violy Concepcion and Ptr Mylene Estopa, the sub coordinator of the same district. The night before the grand worship celebration,the brethren prepared a thanksgiving gospel concert featuring the talented brethren of the Israel Locale.

The thanksgiving celebrations began with praise and worship led by Ptr Tat Madrid, minister in this local. Ptr Mylene Estopa administered the offertory message while Ptr Violy spoke the messages of the Lord centring on the theme, “Glorifying God thru generous thanksgiving adapted from the Second Book of the Corinthians chapter 9:3. Several visitors humbly came and accepted the Lord which led 8 visitors to baptism. Praise the Lord!

The success of this anniversary is a manifestation of God in His Church in the end time. Owing to the ministry of the Goodman of the house , the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, the nation of God in the Old Testament, Israel, has not been left today and His calling for true worshippers are very much evident by the Israel Local Church of the PMCC 4th Watch! Maranatha!

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