Sunday the 11th September marked the 11th Church Anniversary of Manchester locale, UK. This grand event took place in the Britannia Sachas Hotel, in the vibrant city of Manchester. Brethren and guests from the locale Churches based in the UK all gathered together to witness the celebration of God’s work in this locale. The congregation was warmly welcomed by Ptr Roman Reyes, the resident Ptr of this Local church. The presence of the other locale churches in the UK were acknowledged, such as Berkshire and London – along with our extensions in Ireland, Wales and Brighton during the welcome remarks. Songs of joyful praise and adoration was heard by all, as the congregation lifted up their praises to God, as the grand worship commenced. Heavenly songs of praises were continually lifted up to God through the choir performances of every locale. The very heart of the service- the message of God’s word, was delivered by this year’s guest speaker, beloved Ptr. Violy Concepcion, the passionate Coordinator of Europe District and head pastor of London locale. The message brought to life the meaning of “Reaching the goal of perfection through the Apostolic ministry”. Through this message, the congregation admonished and inspired to continually strive for the goal of perfection. As a result of this, the many guests who were a part of this gathering all came to the front, during the altar call, where they had the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ and renew their faith. By the grace of God, baptisms quickly followed. Fellow brothers and sisters had the chance to fellowship, over a bountiful lunch, generously prepared by the host locale. When fellowship hour and lunch ended, the Gospel concert started, with inspiring songs of praise. The very first performance was a lively opening salvo, performed by the Manchester adults and youth. Songs of praise and other forms of dance, such as contemporary and interpretative were presented, which continually inspired and excited the audience. All of these were to showcase the goodness and glory of God, in the lives of His children whom He has blessed. Truly, every attendee was filled with gladness and thanksgiving, as God has once again shown His unmoving faithfulness to His Church in the Europe district. Praise be to God!

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