Exuberance of acclamation was unleashed as the brethren of Nice, France Locale celebrated their 14th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving . The affirmation of God’s providence opted the elect to revere and offer their thankfulness. As they recollect the astounding works of God in each lives, no-one would find reason to withhold their utmost great-fulness in the form of thanksgiving offerings.

The impelling and indispensable words of God was conveyed by the endeared Philippi (Europe) District Coordinator, Pastor Violy Concepcion. From the theme ” Rejoicing and Remembering God’s Goodness and Holiness”

The anointed message replenished and rekindled the congregation’s spirituality and reminded each individual about the mandate and mission received.

The affair was held in the ” Le Théâtre de la Cité ” situated in the heart of the city of Nice. The venue is well suited for one to brandish and exercise the different gifts and talents received. Right after the worship service, the cadets, youth and adult departments teamed up and participated in a production number entitled ” One Voice Concert”. The event was aggrandized by the dynamic voice of our beloved Brother Luis Angelo Concepcion youngest son of Pastors Galli and Violy Concepcion.

Truly the remarkable works of God is moving alongside the Church through the foresight of the ministers in charge Pastor Jessette and Pastor Tanie in parallel with the visions and administration of the beloved Apostle and  Goodman of the house, continually evangelizing the unchurched and edifying the body of Christ. To God be the glory!!!

– A. Santos

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