Vienna, the capital of Austria and regarded as the ‘City of Music’, was the city in which the Europe District’s 7th Youth Conference was held. This greatly awaited three-day event took place from the 24th-26th of February 2017, in the Louis Braille Haus. The theme for study and meditation for this year’s conference was ‘Consecration’.

Day 1:
The first day of the youth conference begun with the early morning devotion, where the delegates were together in praying for the Church and in the meditation of the word of God. After breakfast, a ministry fair was held, wherein the ministers and skilled brethren who specialize in various ministries taught the delegates their trade. The youth were able to choose which ministry they wanted to specialize in. The ministries were Praise and Worship, Letter Cutting, Music Ministry, The Word, Layout and Graphic Design. The delegates were taught how to perform these ministries effectively. Shortly after the ministries fair was an exhortation lead by one of the guest speakers all the way from the Philippines, Sis. Rachelle Ferriol. A covenant was then signed by each of the delegates who had taken part in the ministries fair, for them to commit their talent and strength to the ministries that they have given themselves to.

The official opening of the 7th youth conference commenced in the afternoon, with the joint areas in Europe performing an opening salvo. The areas performing the opening salvo consisted of the delegates from Spain, UK and Greece.

This colourful and dynamic opening salvo displayed a variety of artistic talent through ribbon dancing, a flag dance and an acapella, for the invocational song, “This Is The Day”. The song proclaimed the day of the Lord, and the gladness and joy that has come forth from it; a reflection of the official opening of the youth conference. Following the opening salvo was the praise and worship lead by the Diaspora band. Uplifting songs of joyous praise saturated the venue hall. The welcome remarks were given by Pastor Mylene Estopa, the pastor, and worker in Switzerland. She warmly welcomed and reminded the delegates of the great things that God will perform through the course of this conference. Afterward, a special video presentation was showcased, entitled “Youth Conference Through The Years” which displayed the previous youth conferences held in various places, such as Marbella and Norway. A testimonial from Pastor Violy Concepcion, the dynamic coordinator of Philippi District was shown throughout the video. She testified about the spiritual fruits and growth that have come about, as a result of an event like the Europe youth conference. Following an array of songs of praise by various locales, was the introduction of the keynote speaker, once again lead by the coordinator and ‘mother’ of Europe, Pastor Violy Concepcion. She introduced the keynote speaker for the opening night of the youth conference. All the way from Dubai, the humble yet powerful Bishop Aldrin Palanca. The second guest for this youth conference was Sis. Rachelle Ferriol, an enthusiastic and influential minister in the Philippines. The opening evening ended perfectly, with the words of the Lord administered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca, to officially close the opening evening.

Day 2:
The day started once again, on a powerful note through the devotional prayers and the word of God, closely focusing on the theme, ‘Consecration’. Breakfast followed the devotion where the delegates had the chance to fellowship with one another. After breakfast, was the morning and afternoon seminars. Seminar one was lead by guest speaker sis Rachelle Ferriol. She tackled the very relevant modern issues of our time, the “Social Media and The Cyber World”. As a very prevalent trend for the youth today, she reminded the delegates to use the cyber world as a tool for effective global evangelism. Seminar two was lead by Bishop Aldrin Palanca; who expounded on “Church Youth Etiquette”. A symposium and a “youth shout out” was also lead by Bishop Aldrin, in which the youth had the opportunity for their questions regarding issues and spiritual questions to be answered, live.
After that, the youth all united in their souvenir shirts to commute to the Stephenplatz square, the geographical centre of Vienna for their mass evangelism and the flash mob. Prior to this, the youth were placed in five mixed groups, and the gospel was preached on the trains, in different languages: French, English, Spanish and Deutsch. Upon arriving, the youth delegates performed their flash mob, much to the surprise and delight of the curious bystanders. After every round of upbeat and entertaining dancing, was the bold preaching of the word of God by the youth delegates from all over Europe. The gospel was proclaimed in Deutsch and English. The Stephenplatz square was shaken by the word of God that was powerfully proclaimed by the delegates. One bystander, in particular, was moved to tears for their courage in defending their faith and shining for the Lord. The delegates continually preached the gospel on the train, on their way back from the square. Their extraordinary talents were further used as vessels to elevate God through the talents that night that quickly followed the mass evangelism. A short exhortation followed the talents night, lead by Sis. Rachelle Ferriol, admonishing the delegates to continue to use their gifts for the Lord.

Day 3:
The very last day fell of the European Youth Conference 2017 fell on a Sunday, where the youth delegates and the Brethren form Vienna united together to partake in the grand worship. Once again, uplifting and spiritual songs of exultation were rendered to God by the congregation, as the Praise and worship was led by sis Rachelle Ferriol and the Diaspora team. A variety of songs from the different places in Europe such as Italy, Vienna, and Germany all glorified God through their choir performances. Once again, the keynote speaker was beloved Aldrin Palanca who once again expounded on the theme of consecration and detailed the way of God in calling and consecrating His people for His great purpose.
An altar call shortly proceeded the message, where Bishop Aldrin encouraged the youth to be used by God. Many youth dedicated themselves for the mission of God and dedicated themselves for greater works.
After being made strong in the spirit through Gods very word, was lunch. Following that was the continuation of the talents night and fellowship hour through team building games. Certificates were also handed to the various locale churches all over Europe who had taken part of this momentous event. Exemplary youth delegates who proved as good examples were also given appreciation certificates, along with this year’s guest speakers.

A consecrated generation is one who is separated for God’s purpose.
These delegates have separated themselves from their own countries in Europe,to once again, be a part of this spiritual awakening which is, the youth conference. God has truly worked miracles in this event. All glory belongs to God! Preiset den Herrn! (R. Sotero)