Athens, Greece: For the fifth year, on April 21 to 23, 2017, by the grace of God, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Europe District unveiled the Adult Conference in the city of Athens, Greece! A total of 21 local churches and extension locals sent their representatives for this awaited event. Exulting the theme, “The End Time Church doing Heroism,” derived from Daniel 11:32, the keynote speaker was Bishop Aldrin Palanca along with his better half, Ptr. Elleza Palanca. Encapsulating their messages for this event, they shephered everyone to be heroic in their deeds for the faith, to remain steadfast to the doctrines given to the Goodman of the House, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, and to serve righteously according to the mandate of the Church!

The conference was held in the Atlas hall of the President Hotel. The 2016-2017 Europe Adult Officers along with the hosting locale church of Athens headed by Ptr. Carlos Estopa, welcomed the delegates and made sure everyone was well accommodated. The Coordinator of Europe District, Ptr. Violy Concepcion was ever present and her support was indelible to the success of this gathering! Aside from the Word of God that catered spiritual empowerment, this conference also had various workshops and talks regarding music ministry, lights and sounds, health and first aide, social media etiquette and fundamentals of stage design, which proved to be popular topics among the delegates.

During the dedication night, Bishop Aldrin prepared the hearts of the brethren, who in turn embraced the call for dedication for the full time ministry as well as enhanced services to God! With songs of praise, the grand worship led the brethren to rapturous shouts of adoration to God! Once again, the messages imparted by Ptr. Elleza and Bishop Aldrin Palanca had emblematized significant truths, that only the true Church possesses.

Proceeding the worship, were the recognition rites given to first time attendees, local church ministers and the guest speakers, Bishop Aldrin and Ptr. Elleza for their ministerial participation. Ptr Violy, the District Coordinator was also given due honour with a visual audio presentation for her spiritual leadership. Wrapping up this year’s adult conference were a shower of talents including dances, songs and martial arts exhibitions. And of course, the obligatory but fun photo shoot ensued! When all is said and done, all are now tasked to implement the messages heard and the true heroic deeds will be made, as all had received favor from the Lord! To God be the glory!!

Written by Sis Cherry S. Edited by Sis. Melissa K.