The Locale Church of Athens, Greece celebrated the unprecedented success of the 2017 Church anniversary marking their 10th year of God’s continuous faithfulness and tender loving mercy!! This celebration of God’s benevolence was witnessed by the 120 attendees, 65 of which were visitors.

The ever supportive Europe District Coordinator Ptr Violy Concepcion and the Sub-Coordinator and Head Pastor of the Orange Area, Ptr Mylene Estopa graced this momentous event. As the Worship service began, Ptr Carlos Estopa, the locale’s head pastor expressed his gratitude to the Goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol for his constant admonitions to further God’s work, to Ptr Violy Concepcion for her consistent support and guidance and to all brethren whose unwavering partnership were truly manifested on this day.Most especially this expression of gratitude is directed to God, for if without His mercy, grace and providence, this day will not be made possible! The offertory message of Ptr Mylene Estopa had also exemplified the faithfulness of God in our lives and the need to be constant in supporting the mission of God. Highlighting the worship celebration was the Words of God powerfully ministered by the Guest of Honour and Keynote Speaker, Ptr Violy Concepcion. The message encapsulated the theme for this year, “Partnership with the Goodman of the House through Evangelism.” (Philippians1:3-6) It highlighted the importance of supporting and spearheading the mandate of the end time church, global evangelism. These truths of the Bible lead 10 visitors to heed the call for baptism! Glory to God!

The afternoon events swiftly followed after a sumptuous lunch for everyone was catered for by the Athenian brethren. Following the refreshments, there was a concert exhibiting various display of talents was presented by the youth and adult watchers for everyone’s entertainment! This celebration of the tenth year anniversary of the local church of Athens is not by means easy, but as we are in the most significant advent of our time, the Church, led by the goodman of the house is in a most strategic position to continuously embark on the mission entrusted to all of us. Let us put our trust and obedience to God and He will give us the victory!!

  • Sis Cherry Sotero