It was truly a blessed day on the 14th of May 2017 – not only was it the Lord’s day but also it was the 8th Anniversary of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) in the Netherlands. In the helm of the Netherlands Locale, composing of Amsterdam Locale and Hague Extension, are our ministers Sis. Ana de los Trino and Bro. Rudy de los Trino who led the brethren to a successful preparation of this momentous day.
To mark this event, the church celebrated with a Divine worship service with guest speaker, the sub-coordinator of Blue Area, Minister in Nice Locale, Our beloved Ptr. Jessette Noche who shared a very powerful message of God about freedom quoted from Romans 8:21. Song of praise in the form of Choral rendition was presented by Amsterdam Locale, The Hague extension and some guests from Belgium Locale with the purpose of lifting the name of the Lord.
This event was celebrated by 51 worshippers and visitors. Gracing the event was Zoilo Velasco Second Secretary and Consul from the Philippine Embassy of The Hague, Netherlands. This one day event culminated into a Gospel Concert showcasing the God-given talents of the brethren. Truly this anniversary is a testimony of God’s grace, blessings and guidance as the congregation gears up for more years of fellowship and in the service to our Lord. – Sis. Analets Castaño –