It was a dreary atmosphere in London. There had been quite a number of horrific terror attacks in different parts of United Kingdom. It was as if darkness was doubling its efforts and creeping into the lives of the people who lived there. But in the midst of all this, God was still working in His Church so that the darkness be outshined by His marvelous light. The 14th Church Anniversary of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) London Locale was set on June 4, 2017 and the brethren had been busy preparing for this most anticipated day of celebration.

In their final day of preparation on the 3rd of June, the brethren were in full force, eagerly united to make sure that everything was ready. Then suddenly news broke out, a terror attack had just transpired in the London bridge area. The power of darkness was again at work but the brethren remained adamant and unmoved in their faith. On the morning of June 4, news of what just had happened filled every media outlet in London and the world. But regardless of such, the brethren gathered in the Chiswick Town Hall to take part in their 14th Church Anniversary. Pastor Violy Concepcion, Europe District Area Coordinator and Head Pastor of London Locale was already there with some of the brethren to make some finishing preparations. As if oblivious to what just happened the other day, brethren arrived in the event venue with joy and much anticipation. They were joined by other brethren from various local churches and extensions around the United Kingdom such as Berkshire, Manchester, Wales and Ireland.

Special guests from the Embassy of the Philippines, Mr. Reydeluz Conferido and Mrs. Connie Marquez were also among those in the congregation. The anniversary commenced with joyous and spiritual singing, as the congregation was lead in worship by the London Praise and Worship Team. Sis. Anna Magnaye, the dynamic co-minister in London locale, was the master of ceremony for the grand worship. Video presentations proceeded the praise and worship, showcasing and testifying the great work of God all around the globe. Afterwards, the worship hall was filled with the sound of praises unto God through song, as the Voice of Grace choir, along with the other locales, rendered their songs of praise. Pastor Violy Concepcion, warmly welcomed and acknowledged the presence of her co-ministers, brethren, special guests, and visitors. This year’s special guest speaker was none other than the high-spirited and vibrant Evangelist Ptr Let Ferriol, the Coordinator of South East Asia and General Officer in Charge (GOIC) of the Maranatha Bible School in the Philippines.

The very heart and climax of the service was the meditation of God’s Word; where the congregation was once again enlightened by the truth of God’s Word, concerning the importance of obeying God. Afterwards, an altar call was held by Ptr Let Ferriol, who exhorted and encouraged the visitors and guests to believe and submit themselves to the process of baptism. After the grand worship, one of the special guests, Reydeluz Conferido, Leader Attache of the Embassy of the Philippines, gave a short speech, where he warmly greeted the brethren and testified about the love and goodness of God.

The brethren and guests then had the chance to fellowship with one another during the souvenir photo session and the lunch buffet. After the lunch was the afternoon service, showcasing the greatly anticipated theatrical production, performed by the London Artist Guild. This electrifying stage play focused on the life and ministry of God’s prophet in the old testament, Elijah, ”The Prophet Of Fire”. The congregation was entertained with the striking acting, powerful singing and joyful dancing. All of which portrayed the manifold talents that God has given to His children in the church. This was the grand finale of the Church Anniversary. We mourn those whose lives were lost by the horrific acts of terror in the London Bridge Area. But in the darkness that arose, only the light of God’s love can overcome it.

We have seen what God has done and is continuing to do in the people that have received hope and salvation, the people united to proclaim God’s glory in the Church, the people whose hearts are filled with joy, peace and love. This victory of the 14th Church Anniversary of London locale will always be a beacon of hope to those who seek it and a marvelous light for God’s glory.

  • Sis. Rchie Sotero