The well anticipated anniversary of the prominent Madrid Local Church of the PMCC 4th Watch celebrated their spiritual year of establishment on the 11th of June 2017 held at the Holiday Inn Hotel to accommodate the brethren and visitors who had filled the place to capacity.

Ptr Tes Salanap, Sub-Coordinator of Yellow Gold Area (Spain, Portugal, Morocco) and Head Pastor of Madrid Locale humbly returned all praises and glory to God for this year’s festivities! Blessed by the ministry of the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, the trust of administering the fortified Word of God was delivered by the ever supportive and indefatigable Coordinator of the Europe District, Ptr Violy Concepcion.

Guest ministers and Pastors including Ptr Tom Salanap of Milan Locale had exhorted the brethren in the offertory messages. Sis April Tan (Vienna), Sis Julie Cabrillas, Sis Megan Millares (Madrid) and Bro Noemel Muncada (Marbella) were the partakers in the Worship Service whilst the Madrid Choir provided the songs of praise.

This Spirit – filled event brought in dignitaries from the Philippine Embassy of Madrid, to name a few: Philippine Ambassador to Madrid Philippe Jones Lhuilier , Consul General Emmanuel Fernandez and wife , Madam Alicia Fernandez, Philippines Overseas Labor Officer in Charge Madam Nesa Nolido, Labor Attache Joan Lourdez Lavilla and Madam Perla Primicias, the daughter of former Senator Primicias who all came to witness this display of God’s glorious work of God in the locale Church of Madrid. As the day continuously unfolded, a compilation exhibiting the many and varied testimonies of the brethren were shown in video presentations.

Brethren and guest were treated in the afternoon service with a gospel concert entitled “TOTAL PRAISE 2”. The opening salvo was  gracefully performed by Madrid Adult department  and main performances were rendered by Madrid Youth Department collectively known as “God’s Property of Praise Chorale” headed by Bro. Luis Concepcion.

 The day drew to a close but by the grace of God, this anniversary brought a total of 316 attendees of whom were 136 visitors became closer to God whilst 15 decided to follow the covenant of baptism. Undeterred by many demanding conditions and preparations prior to this blessed day, the Madrid Locale has emerged victorious and glorious! Truly every single soul present had felt the Holy Spirit moving in power in His Church!! Gloria a Dios!!

Sis Cherry Sotero