Geneva, Switzerland is home to about twenty international organisations foremost of which are the United Nations and the Red Cross. Known as the city of peace, this city is a global hub for diplomacy. But what is special in this city for us in His church is the presence of a Locale Church of the PMCC 4th Watch who recently held a victorious 19th anniversary on the 18th of June, 2017 at the Hotel Royale. Ptr Mylene Estopa, the Sub-Coordinator of the Orange Area of Europe District took the helm of leading the locale church to prayers and fasts as their preparation for this event.

They have not relinquished this resolve as God proved His mercy and grace to them with the victory of this celebrations! Encouraged and supported by the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol this yearly event brought in a total of 84 first time visitors bringing the total to 153 attendees. In attendance as special guests were Ptr Carlos Estopa who delivered the message of blessings and the Europe District Coordinator as the Guest Speaker, Ptr . Violy Concepcion during the divine worship. Song of praise was offered by Sis. Ophir Estopa.

This event was celebrated with gospel concert in the afternoon featuring the talents of the young and adult watchers. This event has all the essential elements that made it all the more a reason to celebrate the goodness of God because of the show of spiritual unity and support of each and every single member with the only aim of giving back the glory to God!!

-Sis. Cherry Sotero –