God has crowned the efforts of the brethren in Berkshire, United Kingdom with success as they have just staged a victorious celebration of their decade long church anniversary! On the 9th of July 2017, all 202 brethren and visitors have witnessed how God moved in His true Church, the PMCC 4th Watch with the leading of the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol and with the prayers of the Coordinator of the Europe District Ptr Violy Concepcion, Bro. Rhandy Dancel and the elders, Pastoral staff and officers, and the brethren of Berkshire Locale collectively offered a day of worship, fellowship and glorious thanksgiving to God.

Truly that when you trust everything to God, He will give the victory! This much anticipated event took place at the Polish Association in Slough, Berkshire to accommodate the influx of visitors and brethren from Manchester, Wales and London. This year’s special guest speaker was the Head Pastor of Milan Locale, Ptr Tom Salanap. The Words of God he administered pointed out that God has a true Church with whom all people who are called would obtain the promises of God! The celebration of worship proceedings began with songs of praises led by the Hossana Praise and Worship Team along with their live band.Welcoming the brethren in his remarks was Bro Rhandy Dancel, the Locale’s worker and the Offertory message was administered by Ptr Roman Reyes, Manchester locale’s pastor.

A first of its kind presentations began in the afternoon as the congregation watched the film entitled “Three”. This film was entirely written, produced and played by select Berkshire Youth and Adult actors! Following this short film were dances and live band rendition of popular songs from the Hosanna Band of this locale. True to the English tradition, high tea was served on the verdant surroundings of the venue with many welcoming the glorious weather. When the day was drawing to a close as the sun began to set sail on the horizon, and one by one the brethren finally left the venue, this anniversary celebration was stamped by God’s blessings!! Truly despite human frailties, the power of God through His Church was once again exemplified!!

To God our Father be all the glory!!!

  • Sis Cherry Sotero