One of the three Summer Camps being held annually in the Philippi District is the UK Camp. (Israel Summer Camp as first and the Euro Camp as the third). Brethren from various areas in the UK including Ireland all congregated together once again, to quench their spiritual thirst for the word of God. This year’s UK Camp was held in the country of Wales, in Cardiff University, which is well known for its mountainous and scenic views. This took place from the 2-6th of August, 2017.

Opening Night:

The delegates of the UK Summer camp made a joyful noise unto the Lord, as the UK Summer camp commenced with joyous and spiritual singing, as they were led by the London praise and worship team.  The colourful Opening Ceremony started with the dazzling array of muses, during the parade of colours, with each muse representing the various locales all over UK. An AVP specially made for this Camp highlighted with a couple of soul-lifting testimony from selected campers. Dancers from London, Berkshire, Manchester and Wales all showcased their opening salvo, all displaying different types of dance, from contemporary to the flag dances, to officially open the start of the UK Camp. The parade was followed by the procession of the pastors and ministers of UK, along with the guest speakers of this year’s camp. The keynote speakers for this greatly anticipated event were Ptr. Let Ferriol, our powerful and vibrant evangelist, along with beloved Ptr. Levi Ferriol, the charismatic head pastor of Alum Rock locale, California. Accompanying him were his children, Bro. Matthew Jacob and Sis. Caitlyn Ferriol, as well as with his niece, Sis. Miracle Ferriol. The orientation and the warm welcome remarks were given by Europe District’s Coordinator, the resilient and ever-inspiring, Ptr. Violy Concepcion. A special video greeting from the beloved Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, was shown to the congregation, preparing their hearts and minds for the camp. The rest of the opening night was spent in mediation of the word of God, delivered by Ptr. Let Ferriol, who informatively introduced this year’s camp theme.

Day 2:

The second day of camp opened with the morning devotion, where the camp delegates feasted on the word of God early in the morning, and presented their requests to God through fervent prayer. The message was delivered by Ptr. Anna Magnaye, the co-minister of London locale. The theme was explored, as she spoke of how we would fulfil the mandate of the restored church through prayer. The first seminar followed after the breakfast, where the delegates were taught and reminded of the identifying marks of the true church, which was taught by Ptr. Let Ferriol. Divine Worship followed, in which the message was delivered by Ptr Levi Ferriol, who spoke of the different characteristics of evangelism. Lunch and siesta was coupled with the fellowship hour and the sportsfest. The brethren had the chance to bond and unite in the spirit of fellowship and to partake in healthy competition, through the various physical activities such as tug of war, basketball and other team building games.

Day 3:

The delegates once again devoted themselves in the ministry of prayer early in the morning. Ptr. May Reyes, the head pastor of Wales extension, expounded on the role of intense prayer in preaching the gospel. After the morning prayers of the saints were made, it was time for the first Seminar, wherein the in-depth study of the identifying marks of the true Church continued. The divine message, lead by Ptr. Let Ferriol, once again reinforced the camp’s theme of mandate, preaching the gospel, but in the apostolic way. The variety of activities and competitions commenced on the third day, such as the Preaching Contest, the Bible drill and the Doodle and Arts Contest. Selected delegates representing each locale in UK participated in these competitions. Following these various contests, was the talents night. The abundant gifts that God has poured out to His children in the UK were made clear, as the delegates from all over the UK, of all ages, showcased their talents. The Cadets band lead the congregation in joyful singing, to officially open the Talents Night. Original song compositions were showcased, using different music genres such as contemporary, rock and rap music. Various dance performances were performed from Wales, Manchester, Berkshire and London locale. Once again, the brethren were equipped and inspired to utilise their talents for the Lord through the word of God which was expounded by Ptr Levi Ferriol, who detailed on the importance of testifying the word and work of God through our lives and reminded the brethren that God will do greater things in the future.

Day 4 :

The remaining contests and activities took place on Day Four. Contests such as the show choir, interpretative dance and the Bible quiz took place, all manifesting the sensational gifts of each delegate who had participated. After the excitement and camaraderie of the competitions, it was time for the MBS and Dedication Night. The Dedication Night opened with the parade of the individuals who have willingly given their lives for the mission, starting from the Volunteers for Christ’s Mission (VFCM), to the Associate in Theology (AIT) students, to the Bible Students. The congregation stood to welcome the beloved guest speakers, beloved Ptr. Let Ferriol and Ptr. Levi Ferriol. The ministers and pastors of the UK such as Ptr. Anna Magnaye from London locale, Ptr. Roman Reyes from Manchester, Ptr. May Reyes from Wales, and Bro. Rhandy Dancel from Berkshire locale followed. After the MBS Panata and Hymns, the congregation were moved to worship by the MBS praise and worship team. Various video testimonies were displayed, where the VFCM and AIT students testified how their lives were changed for the better, since they have chosen to be used by God in His vineyard. Following the video testimonies was an original stage play production, organised by MBS Europe, called ‘Alay’. This stage play, performed by the MBS students of UK, followed the life of a believer, constantly being persuaded by a “voice” to completely surrender his life to God. The message of dedication was spoken by Ptr. Let Ferriol, who detailed the transforming power of the gospel, and the great need for preachers of the gospel; once again reinforcing the theme of this year’s camp. An altar call was made, and the brethren and the MBS students had the chance to freshen and renew their dedication unto the Lord.

Grand Worship

The culmination of the events of the week came on Sunday, the day of the grand worship. The brethren were once again lead to joyfully and freely worship the Lord during the praise and worship, which was led by the enthusiastic London praise and worship team. Delegates from the various locales all over the country elevated their heavenly songs of praise to bless the congregation. The divine message was exhorted by Ptr. Let Ferriol, who once again awakened the spirits of everyone in the hall, reminding them of the necessity of knowing God and his plan of salvation. The message of God, once more, struck the hearts of those who heard it. The recognition and awarding followed the grand worship, with the praise and worship being led by beloved Ptr. Levi Ferriol, uniting the brethren in jubilant and energetic praise, as the delegates all gathered to dance and sing worship songs at the front. A special dance number was performed by the youth delegates, with Sis. Miracle Ferriol in charge, once again encouraging the brethren to utilise their dance talents for the Lord. The evening finished with the recognition of the beloved guest speakers. Truly, the success of the UK camp was another chapter in our continuous endeavour to remain steadfast in the faith and to continue the mandate entrusted to us by Jesus Christ, through the Goodman of the House. The timely messages are engraved in our hearts, pushing us to strive for an excellent service. Praise the Lord!


Sis. Rchie Sotero