Day 1, August 9, 2017—Brethren from across Europe, together with special guests from different continents, have gathered to celebrate their Annual Summer Camp at Geneva, Switzerland. Powerful words of God from one of the notable speakers, Bishop Aldrin Palanca, have enlightened the minds and hearts of the brethren to prepare them for the theme of this camp, “Mandate of the Restored Church: Preach the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth.” The 1st day may have come to a close, but it was only the start of the downpour of bountiful blessings for the following days to come.

Day 2, August 10, 2017— God has once again stirred the faith of the campers even before sunrise. Prayers that were entrusted to God filled the halls during the morning devotion. The spiritual, scriptural knowledge and truths essential in responding to the mandate of the Lord in His restored church were delivered by Pastor Gallagher Concepcion and Bishop Aldrin Palanca during the seminars. The Gospel was preached intensely in different languages during the afternoon competition. Then, highlights of various church departments were displayed during the Ministries Night Service. The inspiration from the Words of the Lord will surely remain in the hearts of many. Just as the day began, the night’s event also ended with a prayer of dedication.

Day 3, August 11, 2017—Halfway through camp, things have leveled up from the previous day as more keen prayers occupied the place as the campers continued on dedicating oneself. Words of wisdom and inspiration in seminars all day long continued to revitalize the faith and passion of every attendee. The evening service was a blast as talented brethren from all ages showed their God given abilities to the congregation during the Talents night.

Day 4, August 12, 2017—Excitement in the air intensified during the afternoon’s choir competition. The seminar messages enlightened everyone’s perspective about the mandate that the Lord has entrusted to His church. The evening’s event was not an ordinary night. The program was prepared by the Bible students along with the faculty of the Maranatha Bible School (MBS), Europe Extension. An entertaining, yet inspiring stage play entitled, “Alay,” addressed several situations in which one would consider before entering into the full-time ministry. A special tribute was given to the new graduates in recognition of their recent achievement in the Bible school. After the encouraging message of dedication delivered by Bishop Aldrin Palanca, the MBS and Associate in Theology (AIT) Night allowed for many youth and adults to take the step of faith in deciding to give their lives in the ministry.

Day 5, August 13, 2017—The Grand Worship concludes the 5-day spiritual event of Europe District’s Summer Camp. With revived spirits, the delegates were once again gathered to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth by uplifting praises and joyful songs of the congregation to the meditation of the Word led by Bishop Aldrin Palanca. He emphasized and once more reminded each camper that preaching the gospel is a mission filled with possibilities from God. Hardships, struggles, and sacrifices are never hindrances to those who desire to take part of the camp. Instead, blessings of success, empowerment, joy, and thanksgiving filled the hearts and spirits of each camper.

The winners rejoiced and celebrated their achievements during Fellowship Hour and Awarding Ceremony, while an intermission of talents commenced throughout the afternoon. Europe District Coordinator Pastor Violy Concepcion, along with the sub-coordinators and ministers, were thankful to God for the success of this year’s camp. The collaboration of the powerful guest speakers of the Lord: Pastor Rhodora Ramos, Pastor Gallagher Concepcion, and Bishop Aldrin Palanca were much appreciated as they shared inspiring and motivating testimonies and messages that encouraged the Europe brethren on the commitment and devotion to the mandate given to everyone.