Day 1, August 13, 2017 – The sanctuary at Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds was overflowing with eager worshipers, ready to experience God’s presence and power at U.S. District West Coast Camp 2017. This year’s U.S. West Coast Camp bears the powerful theme “Consecrated in Fulfilling the Mandate of Evangelism” (Matthew 24:14). The South Bay Praise and Worship Team elevated the energy of the crowd with empowering songs. Songs of heartfelt praises were offered by PMCC (4th Watch) of Fremont’s choir rendition of a classic song by Gospel singer Steve Green, South Bay’s Tower of Praise, conducted by Sister Joy Ferriol-Guerrero: first, a captivating and hair-raising rendition of “Holy, Holy, Holy”, and followed by another Steve Green classic, led by music servant Brother Rob Guerrero. With yearning and hunger for more of God, the brethren eagerly anticipated hearing His word that night – and definitely, God spoke to us through his servant. Our North America District Coordinator Bishop Jonathan Ferriol delivered a clear and insightful message from the Lord, which is surely the desire of every camper that has looked forward to this event ever since the past year, seeking more of God.

“We need to see what God sees. We need to feel what God feels. This Camp, I pray the Lord will open the eyes of your heart.” – Bishop Jonathan Ferriol

Day 2, August 14, 2017 – Delegates anticipated the first full day of Camp 2017 with the excitement that comes from spiritual nourishment and fellowship – and they received nothing short of their expectations. Morning Devotions focused on a daily theme, and on the first Devotion, Pastor Thess Ferriol revved up the spirits of the brethren with a message of repentance. Soon after, the sanctuary echoed with the loud cries of the brethren’s sincere prayers as they expressed their repentance and gratitude. During Worship service, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol used Prophet Jonah from the Old Testament and Apostle Peter from the New Testament as examples to the brethren on the importance of not having bias to any person or place when doing God’s will, but be open to the plan of God and being used in any way for the growth of his church. In the afternoon were the annual literary contests while the first portion of the basketball tournament commenced. Mission Night was the evening’s theme, and throughout the night, the brethren showcased the evangelistic efforts of members and missionaries of God’s true church in order to advance the cause of Christ throughout the United States. Despite living in such a diverse nation, the church is not only growing in number but also in the diversity of the congregation.

Day 3, August 15, 2017 – Campers were up before the sun, eager to be blessed by the Word of God on the second full day of Camp 2017. Pastor Belle Obsanga, Western Canada Sub-District Coordinator, ministered the message regarding Restoration. She expounded on the idea that, as a restored church, we must live the lifestyle of restored believers. Keeping with the style of healing and deliverance nights, pastors positioned themselves in groups to pray for members in need. It wasn’t long until the brethren formed long lines, stepping forward one by one to ask for intercession. Pastor Joseph Concepcion led the first seminar, where Bishop Jonathan followed with an empowering Worship message entitled “Mandate.” There, he spoke about the command of Christ that we, restored believers, must carry out evangelism everywhere. Afternoon seminars were split by department. Youth and Young Professionals took a large portion of their time to share testimonies and render Songs of Praise, and Pastor Erwin Dela Cruz challenged them to continue in as the generation dedicated to the mission. Pastor Belle Obsanga admonished the men and women, and Pastor David gave practical advice to elders. The evening was studded with performances that were near Hollywood standard. Talents from local churches were absolutely awe-inspiring. All the glory was given to God by the supercharged performances ranged from heart-warming to emotionally stirring. Delegates welcomed Bishop Osinando Quillao as the night’s speaker. Exhorting the scriptures found in 1 Peter 4:10, he spoke in depth about how we should exercise our God-given gifts and talents. The night left all refreshed, renewed, and inspired to find how they can be used more for the mission.

Day 4, August 16, 2017—Pastor Asherlyn Campos, Eastern Canada Sub-District Coordinator, spoke in the morning devotion of God’s revival and restoration in his End-Time church. After prayer, eager campers readily welcomed the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, to deliver his first message for the Camp. Though newly arrived from his missionary travels, along with his wife Evangelist-Pastor Leticia Ferriol, physical exhaustion did not stop our Apostle from preaching with a huge smile and youth-like strength. At one point our beloved Apostle was even jumping up and down as he retold a story, filled with energy and excitement! We also made history that day. For the first time ever outside the Philippines, the PMCC (4th Watch) U.S. District held a live taping of the message of the Goodman of the House for the church’s 24-hour television station, Life TV. The evening was also one of the most awaited nights of the camp: the Antioch Vision Night. The program showcased the five structures of this God-given vision through presentations, special features, and most especially the word of God. The students and interns of the MBS (U.S. Extension) and Apostolic Missionary Program prepared a short film and performed uplifting song numbers, including the MBS Hymn and a student body choir of the song, “I Choose Jesus”: a feature video displayed the progress of the Antioch Vision and our district-wide growth. That evening was also the graduation of 4 AMP interns who successfully completed their 2-year term as servants in the mission field. Better yet, that same night there were current AMP interns who decided to enter full-time into the Bible school. Bishop Jonathan Ferriol delivered the message by pouring out his heart as he spoke fervently and with passion, stirring up the praises of the congregation. The message of the Lord set the stage for the great moving of the spirit that night, as adults and youth alike knelt down in rededication to Christ and his work. Pastors prayed for and laid hands over those who dedicated, and a special call was made for those who would enter the Bible school. The brethren capped off the night, refreshed and revived and ready to do the Lord’s work.