This month of February, the Church Adult Watchers Department (CAWD) of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) will celebrate the Adult Watchers Month with the theme, “Blessed Household in the End-time” (Galatians 6:10).

CAWD has prepared activities for this month to strengthen the faith of every household in Christ:

First Week: Opening Ceremony (Adult Area Fellowship)

  • Launching of Adult Watchers Month theme song, “We are Blessed”
  • Seal of Commitment: Hand mark of all local presidents

Second Week: Parents/Couples Night

  • Launching of Local Adult Watchers Project 2018
  • Adult Watchers Service video seminar by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol entitled, “Parenting 4th Watch Values and Culture in a Household”

Third Week: Pastors and Pastoral Night, “Ang Inyong Pagtatalaga… Sa Ami’y Mahalaga”

  • Adult Watchers Service video seminar by Bishop Art T. Ferriol entitled, “Discipleship of a Millennial Household”

Fourth Week

  • Area Closing Service (Saturday)
  • Local Recognition Night (Sunday)

Other activities include complete family morning devotion and evening prayer hour, grand crusade, and extended family evangelism.

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