The long awaited annual event of the year, the Youth Conference of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Europe District, took place in the vibrant and bustling city of Madrid, the capital of Spain. This took place from the 16th to the 18th of February, 2018 in the Los Olivos Hotel. Young Watchers from all over Europe and the United Kingdom have travelled to this place to partake in this grand event.


The youth conference started with team building activities, led by two of the special  guest speakers for this event, Sis. Rachelle Ferriol and Bro. Archie Ferriol. Fellowship and new friendships were created as the youth delegates were set into mixed groups for the various team building activites, which consisted of an array of challenging and witty obstacle courses and a bridge building activity to cultivate the spirit of leadership amongst the delegates. A seminar about leadership, spiritual growth and maturity was then delivered by Sis. Rachelle Ferriol.


The grand opening of this event took place in the evening and commenced with energetic and joyful praises unto God, as the congregation was led to worship by the Diaspora Praise and Worship Team. Following this, were kind welcome greetings extended to this year’s guest speakers, for the regional overseer of Europe District, beloved Bishop Art Ferriol and his children: Sis. Rachelle and Bro. Archie. These welcome remarks were given by Ptr. Tess Salanap, the head pastor of the host locale, Madrid, and sub coordinator of the Yellow Gold Area in Europe, which covers the different cities in Spain and Portugal.

A culturally rich and colourful Opening salvo was performed by the Madrid young watchers with the traditional Spanish dance, the fandango and a contemporary ribbon dance.

Opening Salvo Madrid Youth
Opening Salvo performance by Madrid Locale Young Watchers

A very special video greeting from the Goodman of the House was shown; encouraging the youth to fully participate in this event.

The time finally came for the introduction of the keynote speaker; the knowledgeable and devoted regional overseer of Europe District, Bishop Arturo Ferriol. He was introduced by Philippi District’s ever supportive Coordinator and Newly Appointed Church Presbyter, Ptr. Violy Concepcion. The grand opening finished with the Word of God, where Bishop Art expanded on the End-Time youth and reminded the delegates of the kind of time we are living in today.

Bishop Art ministers the Word of God during the Welcome Night

After dinner, all the youth gathered in the service hall once again to practice for their flashmob.


The second day began with the Morning Devotion wherein the designated speaker was Sis. Rachelle; who detailed the importance of clinging to Christ in the midst of many worldly pressures. Afterwards, Bishop Art expounded further on the theme: unity in the life and doctrine of the apostle.

Sis. Rachelle Ferriol delivered the message during the Morning Devotion

The delegates took the bus going to Puetro del Sol, in the center of Madrid, for their mass evangelism and flashmob. Curious onlookers and a crowd quickly formed as the youth danced and preached on the street. The dances performed were upbeat and contemporary, along with a few ballet numbers and solo performances. No flashmob would be complete without the preaching of the word of God. Selected youth courageously preached the gospel in English, Spanish and German.

Youth delegates preached the Gospel and participated in the Flash Mob Dance

The rest of the youth actively participated in giving out tracts to the public. After a fruitful afternoon of sharing the words of God, the youth went back to the site to prepare for the Dedication night.


The delegates were lead in spiritual worship by the MBS Praise and Worship team and a song of praise was lifted up to God by the MBS Europe Choir. A true to life representation of the ministry and the struggles and joys from it was portrayed through a short stage play by selected MBS students. This poignant, yet light hearted, play encouraged the youth to dedicate themselves and to see the great importance of the work of God in the ministry.

To prepare the hearts of the youth for dedication was the very climax of the service, the meditation of God’s word, which was delivered by Bishop Art Ferriol. Once again, the theme: unity with the life and doctrine of the Apostle was detailed, along with a timely message for the people of God to live their lives in congruence to the mission.

A call was made for the brethren to dedicate themselves and for them to renew their dedication unto God. The youth who had decided for God knelt down and were prayed over by Bishop Art and the pastors from the Europe District.

A number of Youth Delegates decided to give their lives to the Lord


The third and final day of this grand event was spent worshipping the Lord. Once again, the youth delegates and the brethren from Madrid locale united as one to participate in the Grand Worship. Sis Rachelle Ferriol, along with the Diaspora praise and worship team, lead the congregation in singing and shouting their praises to the Lord.

Heavenly songs of praises were elevated up to God by the various areas in Europe such as Purple Area (United Kingdom), Red (Italy), Orange (Athens and Vienna) and the host locale, Madrid. The opening prayer was led by Ptr Tess Salanap and the reading of God’s words was ministered by Ptr. Tom Salanap, the Sub-Coordinator of the Red Area.

The induction of the new youth officers for the year 2018 took place afterwards, and the congregation gave their right hand of approval and fellowship to their ministries and responsibilities.

A new set of Youth Officers for 2018-2019

A very appreciative video presentation was also shown for Ptr Violy Concepcion, recognising and rewarding her for all of the marvellous works that she has spearheaded in the Europe District. A special plaque was presented to her by Europe’s Regional Overseer, Bishop Art Ferriol, to recognize her undying service and her new position as Church Presbyter.

Bro. Archie Ferriol delivered the Offertory Message during the Grand Worship

The very heart of the service, the feasting of the word of God was once again delivered by the keynote speaker, beloved Bishop Art Ferriol. He tackled the topic of ‘Increasing our worth for God’ which quickened and encouraged the brethren to continue to serve the Lord with a culture of excellence. The communion and altar call came after this, where the first timers and visitors accepted the call of Christ for water baptism.

Youth Delegates listened intently to the word of God during the Grand Worship

After the divine worship was lunch and fellowship hour. The very last part of this year’s youth conference was the much awaited showcase of talents. An array of dance, singing and band performances were executed by the youth delegates from all over Europe, all endeavouring to glorify God by exercising the gifts that he has given to them. Truly God has showered his children bountifully with many gifts and talents.

Recognition was given to the first timers and participation of the delegates from all over Europe.

God has done another wonderful work here in Philippi District. Rest assured, he will continue to pour out his help and grace as we continue to be united with the life and doctrine of the apostle. Gloria a Dios! (News Article written by Sis. Rchie Sotero)

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