As Israel celebrates its 70th year of independence, the Europe district of the PMCC4th Watch led by the Coordinator Presbyter and Pastor Violy Concepcion, celebrated the 6th Adult Conference in the Holy Land. This district enjoying the full support and prayers of the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, has had a victorious conference with the theme “ The Blessed Family” on the 26th of April till the 29th in Kibbutz Moran, Israel. The guest speakers this year were Bishop Arturo Ferriol and Presbyter Ptr Lily Ferriol. The daily activities reported here serves as a memoir for this Spirit filled event!!
Day 1
A total number of 150 delegates arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel in anticipation of this big event. By God’s grace, everyone passed through the very tight immigration control checks necessary to set foot in this land. The journey from the airport to Kibbutz Moran has been spiritual indeed as everyone in the coach was encouraged to continue praying for safety and victory of the days ahead.
On arrival in the venue, all delegates were keen to welcome the arrival of our Bishop Art, Presbyter Lily and Presbyter Violy. Soon after everyone was accommodated and ready to attend the opening night of this holy gathering! As Bishop Art lead the partakers in the Opening Night, Israel locale prepared for a welcome salvo for everyone. Songs of praises filled the hall and as the Words of God were impressed on us by Bishop Arturo Ferriol. The night ended with everyone invigorated and ready for what the rest of the conference will be unfolded.
Day 2
Adult delegates gazed the beauty of the morning by starting the day right with devotion service. An inspiring message was ministered to them by Ptr Mylene Estopa, Sub-coordinator Orange Area and the head minister in Geneve Locale. She led the meditation about “The household that God Blesses”. She concluded her message with an encouragement for the delegates to serve God and to seek Him as they all knelt to cry out their prayer requests and concerns to God.
A sumptuous breakfast preceded the first Seminar of the conference by beloved Presbyter Lily Ferriol. The topic of this seminar was “Setting Values in a 4th Watch Household. She discussed the different values incorporating true Christian behaviours needed for an individual to grow holistically stable and God-fearing.
The second seminar was delivered by our Bishop Arturo Ferriol. He expounded on the theme, “The Blessed Family”. He factored the philosophical view of the world versus the Christian view that resources should be used to serve the Lord, and not to use it to enrich one’s self.
These seminars were indeed inspiring and served as an eye opener and everyone in the audience were truly blessed. The activities in the afternoon commenced with the team building exercises facilitated by Elder Cherry Sotero and Elder Amphy Agbulos. Fun and laughter filled the hall as each participants were encouraged to come up with their own interpretations of the given tasks in their group. Moreover, they should think fast on their feet and produce a “yell” and a symbol for their group. These manifested a spirit of unity and joy as each of the delegates let their hair down! Shortly after, a symposium was held and facilitated both by Bishop Art Ferriol and Presbyter Lily Ferriol. Various questions were raised by the delegates and were answered intelligently by our Bishop.
A few hours rest and immediately after dinner, the adult congregation were again in the hall to witness the Shower of Talents anticipated by everyone. This year, London, Madrid, Berkshire, Birmingham Extension, Israel and Orange Area showed an array of different dances, songs, choral recitations to the delight of the audience. Once again, the evening was completed with the admonition of Bishop Art expounding on the artistic abilities given by God to everyone in the Church.
Day 3:
Devotion hymnals were led by Sis. Berlin Villanueva, minister of Cyprus locale, leading the congregation in the spirit of prayer; followed by the message of giving led by Ptr. Carlos Estopa, head pastor of Athens locale. A song of praise was rendered by Milan delegates before the heartfelt devotion message was delivered by Ptr. Tess Salanap, head pastor of Madrid locale.
During seminar 1, Presbyter and Pastor Lily Ferriol spoke about, “Family Matters,” including how to identify and tackle common problems and stresses within the family. Bishop Art Ferriol led an informative Eschatology seminar answering several questions about the events to follow after rapture of the church. The afternoon ministry workshops included: letter cutting, media ministry, journalism and creative writing, flower arrangements & corsage and lights & sounds. During dedication night, the message delivered by Bishop Art ushered several adults to commit their lives both in the full time ministry and to serve faithfully according to the gifts entrusted to each one.
Grand worship:
The last day of the adult conference led jubilated spirits in a grand worship unto the Lord! Bishop Art once again delivered the powerful words of God with the topic, “The True Worshipper,” emphasising that we are not seasonal Christians, but we ought to surrender ourselves fully to the Lord. Proceeding the worship, were the recognition of first time adult conference delegates along with the participating locale churches and their ministers. Gifts of appreciation, from the adult officers, were presented to the beloved Coordinator of the Europe District, Presbyter and Pastor Violy Concepcion as well as to the guests of honour, Bishop Art Ferriol and Presbyter and Pastor Lily Ferriol.
Truly, the theme of this adult conference, “A Blessed Household in the End-Time,” fulfilled its purpose as empowered adults left the holy land inspired and motivated to serve the Lord even more faithfully together with their families! To God be the glory!
Written by: Elder Cherry Sotero Sis Melissa Khan Sis Leilani Tua
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