Posted by PMCC 4th Watch – Europe District on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The PMCC 4th Watch Athens Locale in Greece recently held their 11th year of establishment and it was a testament of God’s mighty works in His Church in the end time. This event was celebrated on the 27th of May, 2018 at the Vasilikos Hotel. The local Pastor leading the work of God, Ptr Carlos Estopa attributed this victorious celebration to prayers and fasting offered to God along with the support of the Apostle in the end time, the goodman of the house, Apostle Arsenio Ferriol. This year’s honoured guests were the sub-coordinator of Orange Area, Ptr Mylene Estopa and the Philippi District Coordinator, Presbyter Ptr Violy Concepcion as the Keynote Speaker. A total of 115 attendees of which 43 were first time visitors gladly witnessed the whole celebration. 6 souls entered the covenant of baptism including the school principal of a Philippine School in Greece. The worship service commenced with joyful singing led by the AIT student Sis Camyl Estopa with the Athens praise and worship team. Also in the celebration were the Thesaloniki Extension led by Sis Rebecca Gabaon and the brethren offering songs of praise to God. The message of blessings were expounded and ministered by Ptr Mylene whilst the special anniversary message was ministered by the beloved Presbyter Violy Concepcion admonishing everyone to acknowledge the goodness of God in our lives and to remain faithful and grateful for the ministry of the apostle in His Church! Continuing with the fellowship after the sumptuous lunch was a gospel concert featuring the musical prowess and energetic dances of the youth and adult watchers of the host locale. Truly that as the many months of preparations for this event became tedious, the constancy of God’s Divine Providence had been the only source of strength which also paved the way to a victoriously joyous celebration of this anniversary!! To God be the glory!!

Sis Cherry Sotero