Posted by PMCC 4th Watch – Europe District on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cyprus, an island country and third most populous island in the East Mediterranean, is also a country where true worshippers are committed for the glory of God! The PMCC 4th Watch Cyprus Locale had recently marked their anniversary in celebration of the grace and goodness of God! The 100 brethren and visitors gathered at the Maronite Hall, Nicosia on the 3rd of June, 2018 for this special event. Sister Berlen Abueg Villanueva, the worker assigned to lead the locale church in Cyprus along with special guests who graced this anniversary, Ptr Carlos Estopa of Athens and Ptr Mylene Estopa, the Sub-Coordinator of Orange Area led the brethren in offering fruitful praises to the Lord. Ptr Carlos officiated the offertory message emphasizing on how the goodness of God should usher us to participate joyfully and generously in giving and supporting the vast mission of the Lord in the Church. Songs of praises were also offered by the Cyprus praise and worship team and the Cyprus choir. Significantly on this anniversary celebrations, the Word of God and the message were ministered by the supportive Area Sub- coordinator, Ptr Mylene Estopa. She exhorted the brethren to continue serving the Lord and also extended the invitation of the Lord Jesus to the many visitors to accept and to realise the need to make Jesus the Lord of their lives. This altar call resulted in 4 baptisms! Praise the Lord! In the afternoon, the brethren and guests were treated to a stage play, entitled “Paglilitis”. This anniversary once again proved that the work of the Lord in each one of us knows no bounds, so long as we keep on entrusting our lives and strength to Him, always abounding in the work of the Lord in His true Church and being partner with the ministry of the goodman of the house, the Apostle Arsenio Ferriol!! Glory to God!!

(Sis Cherry Sotero)